How to Stop Overheating Problem On Android Phone

Android is an awesome OS provided by Google. There are many facilities with Chrome and there are some problems also. Some people have notified that they are facing overheating problems in their handset. Actually it’s not only their fault but the manufacturers and users also. There are some apps which causes heating problem. But don’t worry because we are going to provide you some valuable tips on how to stop overheating on your android phone.

How to Stop Overheating Problem On Android Phone

1. Using The Proper Case With Good ventilation System:

If you are using a case or cover which does not have ventilation system or no open space, it might cause heating to your android phone. You need to have the case or cover with the perfect cut outs to keep the phone cool. If it’s overheating and warning you , then detach the phone from the casing

2. Don’t Use Your Phone While Charging

Don’t use your phone while charging. If your phone is charging then it is gaining some heat and it’s better not to use phone or tablet at that time. I used to do the same and then I noticed that charging and using the phone at the same time causes the battery to generate more heat. It’s not good for your battery and phone also.

3. Close the Most Power Hungry Apps

If you are using many apps then you need to check which app is the most power hungry apps. Most of the times they uses the ram or processor and makes the handset to become hot. This is why you need to open the app while needed and you should close the app after using it. If possible do a force stop. If you are not sure about those apps then I will suggest you to check the battery option in the top of the notifications bar (Lollipop) and check which app is using the most battery and kill it.

4. Remove The Unnecessary Apps/ junk files From Your Android Device

I used to have tons of apps and games on my android phone. One day I faced overheating problems and I saw that many unnecessary apps are taking the system power to run on the background. So I took an axe (joking) and I killed them. Well, not necessarily you need to have axe (lol). Just use some apps which will do the work for you. However it’s totally OK to manually uninstall the app. Beside removing unnecessary apps my suggestion is to remove the junk files also.

5. Don’t browse For Long Time

If you are using chrome/other browsers than you need to know that it uses a lot of power and battery while running. If it is running for a long time it will make the phone to overheat. It’s best to give it a few minutes of rest to cool up a little bit.

6. Don’t Play Game for a Long Time:

Even though I am suggesting you to play less games, but I myself play games a lot in my Nexus 7. However, playing games will make the phone/tablet to overheat. It’s batter not to play games for a long time.

7. Don’t Use Old Battery:

If you have a phone which has removable battery then you need to remember that using old batteries on your handset will not only make this overheat but it might cause lagging also. You are requested to take good care of your handset’s battery.

Few Other Tips to fix the overheating problem of android:

  • Don’t overcharge your phone
  • Use the proper cable for charging
  • Keep the phone in a cool place
  • Keep the phone fresh
  • Keep less junk files

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