How to Factory Reset Huawei P8 |Hard Reset Huawei P8

How to Factory Reset Huawei P8

Huawei P8 is an awesome handset with brilliant features. This amazing handset is going to come to the market very soon and is already in the market in some parts of the world. This awesome handset has a brilliant camera with brilliant specifications.

This handset has ultra blazing speed. However sometimes you have to do a factory reset or hard reset on your Huawei P8 to make the things just as like as they are in the first stage. Basically there are several reasons that why you would want to do a factory reset on your Huawei P8.

This hard reset or factory reset on Huawei can be done from the settings. You don’t have to do any hard task to do this but just following these easy stuffs will allow you to factory reset your Huawei P8. Easy factory reset on Huawei is really easy. Let’s see the steps on how to factory reset your Huawei P8.

How to Hard Reset Huawei P8

1. Go to the settings of Huawei P8

2. Now, scroll down and tap on “Backup & Reset

3. Now you should see a “factory data reset” , select it. You will see an option “Erase Internal Storage” . If you want to delete/wipe your storage then select it

4. Let’s tap on the “Reset Phone” button

5. You will see a warning that this process is not reversible. If you are sure that you want to factory reset your Huawei P8 then proceed

Reset process of Huawei P8 will start and it will take around 5 minutes for the whole reset process to finish.

Thus the factory reset on Huawei is done. One thing that need to be mentioned is that, you should take proper backup of important data which might get deleted while in the hard reset process.


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