How to Fix “Google Play Services has stopped” error

Have you ever seen a error message saying “Google Play Services has stopped“. If you are seeing this error message then we have some good news for you that we can help you to solve this problem.

We are going to provide some of the solutions to fix this type of problems.

Why this Happens?

There are several reasons like

  • Your phone’s internet connection is really weak
  • Your phone’s Google Play Services are outdated
  • There might be a bug on the service which might be get fixed by Google on future updates

How to Fix “Google Play Services has stopped” Error

Method 1: You have to update your Google Play Services to the latest version by downloading from Google Play Services. This is for those people who have a outdated Google Play Services in their phone or tablet

google play services

Method 2:

In this method you need to clear the Google Play Services Cache. Sometimes cleaning the cache can solve this problem. You can try to clean this by deleting the cache files.

  • First go to the settings > Apps
  • Now tap on the Google Play Service app
  • Now, open the app details and tap on the ‘Force Stop” button first
  • Now tap on the “Clear Cache” button

Method 3:

In this method you will have to clear the Google Services Framework cache. This framework stores information and helps your phone to sync with the Google servers and ot keep the Google Play services up & running. This might be one of the reasons you are not able to connect to Google servers and getting that error messages. TO solve it follow this steps

  • Go to settings , then apps
  • Now scroll and find “Google Services¬†Framework” app
  • Now open the app details and tap on the “Force Stop” button
  • Now tap on the “Clear Cache” button

Method 4:
At first check your Internet Connection. If you are using mobile internet then check with your internet provider if they are blocking the IP address that google use. Or if you are using wi-fi then check the same too. Try with mobile date and WiFi separately.

Method 5: Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again. Try a reboot !!!

Method 6: If nothing is going ok for you then try to root your phone and install a custom ROM and install the Gapps package.


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