How to enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6

How to enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6

Method 1:

This method can be used in any variant of Samsung Galaxy S6. This method will definitely work on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Step 1: Press power button and switch off your phone. Wait for the phone to completely shut off.

Step 2: Now press & hold Power, Volume Up & Home button at the same time for few seconds

Step 3: Recovery mode will be displayed . When you see the recovery mode displaying you should release the button

Step 4: While in the recovery mode you should use the Volume up & Down button to scroll down. In order to select an option press the power button.

Step 5 : If you want to go back to Android OS just chose “Reboot System Now”

Method 2

This method will use an app from the Google Appstore. Take your Galaxy S6 and search for Quick Boot App . Download this app and open it. There will be a screen prompt saying “Recovery” option. Chose it and your Galaxy S6 will automatically rebooted into the recovery mode.

Method 3

This method to open and use recovery mode on Galaxy S6 is for experienced Android users only. It will be using adb comments. For this solution a computer need to be used. You have to have your USB debugging mode enabled. To enable USB debugging mode enabled you need to gain developers rights by tappinbg several times on the built number and then navigate towards Menu > Settings > Developer Options. Another thing is that Android SDK have to be installed on your Computer.

Step 1: At-first connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 with a USB cable to your PC

Step 2: Now in your PC, navigate towards the folder where you have installed your Android SDK

Step 3: Now open a command prompt window. To open a command prompt windows you have to Press & Hold Shift button of your keyboard and press right click on any empty space. It will open a command prompt window.

Step 4: While in the CMD window, type follwing code

adb reboot recovery

Step 5: Now you have to wait for your Galaxy S6 to reboot into the recovery mode.

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