How To Fix Low Light Video Recording Issue in OnePlus X

OnePlus X is a mid-range smartphone with great specifications. It is quite hard to find a phone with the same budget with better hardware. Despite that fact that most of the smartphone by OnePlus is costly, this one is an exception.

You can get this smartphone for only $249. You will find a full HF Amoled capacitive touchscreen, Android 5.1.2 lollipop, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset, 3GB whopping RAM, and even double sim feature. It is really a good deal to get this smartphone as the price is very reasonable. This smartphone also features a 255 mAh battery, which is good enough for this smartphone. The back camera has a 13 Mp and the front camera has 8MP. Quite a good deal for a budget friendly smartphone.

Even though this smartphone is excellent in case of budget and hardware, this also has some fixable problem like the recording video on low light. However, we have gathered the way on how to fix this silly issue to record videos smoothly on low light.

This problem has been reported by few OnePlus x users. It has been claimed that once they start recording video in low light, the smartphone starts to slow down.

Once you finish recording the video, you will see that the recorded video is laggy and somewhat low quality. At first it was though that there are some issue with the hardware but Loureiro said that it is a problem by the software. He released a patch which will fix the low-performance video issue on low light. It is applicable for both front and back camera.

How To Fix Low Light Video Recording Issue in OnePlus X


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Download OnePlus X Camera patch

In order to install this patch, you have to use a custom recovery like TWRP to flash it. You need to download the flashable zip from the link above and transfer it to your phone. After that, boot your OnePlus X in recovery mode and flash the zip file.

After flashing the zip file , you need to reboot your phone. Now, try to shoot a video at night or low light, and you will see the problem is gone.



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