How To Enable Double Tap On Wake Up Nexus 6P

Double tap to wake up you phone was introduced by Nokia back at 2011. However, this feature was not adopted by many manufacturers. Even though LG has been trying to popularize this excellent feature by their own set on Knock On codes, you can use gesture motions to unlock your smartphone.

Despite the fact that this has been loved and craved by many users, not all of the manufacturers are pushing it. Even though Google added this feature in the stock android, but it is only enabled  on the Nexus 9.

If you are using Nexus 6P, then we have some good news on enabling double tap to wake up feature on your phone.

Nexus 6P comes with some handy features and powerful hardware. It comes with a big 5.7-inch display which has a very good PPI & resolution. If you want to enable the double tap feature on your Nexus 6P then follow the instructions below.


  • Unlocked bootloader
  • Root and custom Recovery (like TWRP)

How To Enable Double Tap On Wake Up Nexus 6P

At first, you have to unlock the bootloader and then root your Nexus 6P. There are several ways to enable double tap on Nexus 6P. We will go with the easiest way to do that.

Using app enable double tap to wake up on Nexus 6P

This is a simple DoubleTap app which will enable double tap to wake. It’s very straight forwarding app which let’s you enable this feature with one simple click. You can also enable or disable if you want. This is an open source app , which means it’s free. Download the app.

Install a custom kernel

This is an another way to enable double tap feature on Nexus 6P. We will be using a custom kernel to enable this feature in Nexus 6P. Note that you have to have custom recovery like TWRP to flas it.

Popular custom kernel to enable double tap feature on Nexus 6P

  • ElementalX. Learn more here.
  • Leankernel. Learn more here.
  • franco.Kernel. Learn more here.

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