How to Fix Wifi Connectivity Problem In LG G4

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LG G4 is an amazing handset but it does faces some problem time to time. One of the problem faced by this is the wifi connectivity problem. This can be annoying sometimes. However, we have got some of the potential solutions to fix wifi problems of LG G4.

How to Fix Wifi Connectivity Problem In LG G4

  • At first check whether there is any problem with the router. Turn it off and wait for few minutes and then plug it in again. Check whether your LG G4 is connecting with the wifi or not
  • Sometimes there are issues which can be solved by simply deleting the preferred network under wifi settings and then fill in the details again
  • Download this Wi-Fi Analyzer application. We will check the level of activity of the current channel with this app. Try to switch to a different channel if you see any kind of bandwidth issues
  • Sometimes the power saving option might hamper the performance. Try to turn it foo
  • Sometimes the router requires you to set the mac address on it. Go to your LG G4’s settings > About Phone and check if the correct mac address is listed in your router
  • If nothing is working then try to turn off your LG G4 for few minutes and turn it on again.

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