How To Install Android M Custom ROM On LG G3 D855

How To Install Android M Custom ROM On LG G3 D855

Android M is the new release by the Google and it is a more like a performance boost rather than UI. Google has not made any official release update for android M for Nexus or other users. However, LG G3 has received an Android M custom ROM. The custom ROM we are going to provide below is an Android M Developer Preview build. Please note that it is a stable or ready for normal daily usage.

manups4e is the person who created the ROM. It is not a stable one and it might cause you trouble time to time. He said that LG G3 can run a stock version of Android M. This was released very recently.

You will be sad to know that the Bluetooth, camera, radio, data, double tap to sleep and sensors won’t work. The kernel and ramdisk are highly modified in order to make the Android M ROM boot on the LG G3. Please note that there are not many features and not everything is working. Creator of this ROM is working hardly to provide more awesome features. In order to see how this ROM runs in your LG G3, make sure that you have a custom recovery to flash the ROM. Please take a full backup of this before flashing this ROM. This is to confirm that you need to restore later in case of any problem .

How To Install Android M Custom ROM On LG G3 D855

Download: Android M ROM for LG G3

Step 1: Take your LG G3 and turn off the phone and boot the TWRP
Step 2: Now take a full backup of the current system. This is to make sure that if anything goes wrong, you can go back to the current system
Step 3: Now, you have to Wipe data, cache and dalvik cache
Step 4: Now tap on the “Install” and select the ROM file

You should wait few minute to confirm that Android M Developer Preview ROM is installed and then you need to reboot your LG G3.


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