How to Remove Hboot Red Text From HTC One M9 Sprint

HTC One M9

How to Remove Hboot Red Text From HTC One M9 Sprint

If you own a HTC One M9 from sprint and you have unblocked bootloader then you must have already faced the annoying red text which appears at the every time you boot your phone. Almost all smartphone manufacturers has security system which can detect or show that the device has been modified. For your information Samsung devices has a exclamation point, HTC devices has a red text messages in the boot screen.

You will be glad to know that this red text don’t affect your performance though. It might look odd to you. It shows that your phone’s bootloader is unlocked. If you are using Sprint HTC One M9 then we can help you to remove this text. However, if you want to remove that red text appearing at the boot screen then we can help you to do that. Follow our guide below to know how to remove it.

Want to get rid of the annoying red text appearing on boot screen of Htc One M9? Learn How to Remove Hboot Red Text From HTC One M9 Sprint.

Remove the Red text from Boot Screen Of HTC One M9 Sprint

Download removed red text: 1.32.651.30 | 2.6.651.11

1. Atfirst you have to download the zip fie with the modified aboot. This will remove the red text appearing on Sprint HTC One M9

2. Now turn your phone off and go to the bootloader mode

3. Then open ADB control panel on your computer and see whether your phone is listed there

4. Now move the extracted file inside the ADB folder

5. Then type,

fastboot flash zip

6. Now Reboot your HTC One M9 Sprint


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