How to S-OFF HTC One M9 Using SunShine App

HTC One M9

How to S-OFF HTC One M9 Using SunShine App

HTC is undoubtedly one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the market. They are offering amazing awesome services with brilliant powerful devices. They are always ahead of other manufacturers in case of beautiful design and build body. HTC allow you to unlock your bootloader yet they restricts the writing to NAND partitions using a complicated security system. This is called S-ON on the HTC devices and it needs a lot of expertise to open it. You will be glad to know that two pro developers named jcase and beaups has broken this.

It normally doesn’t concerns but if you are developer you need to know this. It allows flashing protected partitions like the resource power manager (rpm.img) , advanced digital signal processor (adsp.img) , bootloader (hboot.img) etc. It will allow you to change the CID and MID of your device. It will reset the tempered flag and a lot more. There is a S-OFF app named SunSHine which is developed by the jcase and beaups which can do the task.

Note that this is not a free service, it will charge $25 for single device license which might not be reasonable for normal users. However, we have to remember that this is an option for the pro users. This is required if you are going to install custom recovery on your HTC devices. This will open the awesome world of android for you. We have provided the download link below for you.

Note that before installing you need to root your HTC One M9 and have the TWRP recovery installed on it.

How to S-OFF HTC One M9 Using SunShine App

1. At first you have to download and install the SunShine apk in your HTC One M9.

2. Now open the app and tap Continue on the disclaimer warning.

3. Now run the app, which will run a compatibility rest in your device to grant SuperSU permissions whenever prompted

4. Right after your device passes compatibility test, you will be asked to purchase the license using paypal.

5. Once the license is purchased and verified, it will show a pop up to restart the app. This will run the compatibility test again.

6. You will see a popup saying “Ready To GO?” It will reboot our device and thus completest the testing process

7. After the rooting , open the app and click on the continue button to S-OFF your HTC One M9,

8. Everything should go well, you will get a success message and thus your device will automatically shut down.


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