How To Perform Soft and Hard Reset On HTC One M9

HTC One M9 is an awesome handset with many power features. Even though it is very smooth performing handset bt sometimes you might need to do a soft reset or hard reset on yout HTC One M9 to smooth things up. We will teach you how to perform soft and hard reset on htc one m9.

How to Perform Soft Reset on HTC One M9

1. Go to the home screen of your HTC One M9. Now press and hole the Power & Volume Up buttons for 10 seconds untill HTC One M9 turns off

2. Now release the Power & Volume Up buttons. Now wait for One M9 to turn reboot again

Thus your HTC One M9 has been soft reset. It’s easy, isn’t it!!!

How To perform a Hard Reset On HTC One M9

In order to do a hard reset on your HTC One M9 you need to follow the steps below.

Normally factory reset is used because sometimes somethings can not be fixed/solved via other system. In these case , a factory reset can do the work. A factory reset will take your HTC One M9 back to it’s initial state.

Note: This factory reset will permanently erase the data from your phone. It will also delete the personal information

How to Perform A Factory Reset From Settings

1. At-first you have to go to the home screen and then tap on the ::: button and then go to the Settings > Backup & Reset.

2. Now tap on the Reset Phone. In order to delete the media & other data from the storage card : select “Erase SD Card”

3. Now tap “OK”

This is how soft reset and hard reset on your HTC One M9. Remember to save the data and app settings if you are doing hard reset on your HTC One M9.


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