How to remotely play PlayStation 4 on Android

Remote Play Port

Do you own a PS4? Do you know that PS4 Remote Play streaming app from sony is an app which will allow you to stream games on your Xperia phone. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t own Xperia phone. However, there is an app developed by a XDA developer. Any non-xperia user can use this app to use their android phone as PS4 controller.

The developer of this app is TheScriptKitty. You can remotely play your PS4 on your non-xperia devices. This app port promises a smooth PS4 remote play.

A matter of great joy for us is that the latest version of this app supports all android devices above Android 2.2 Froyo inclusive. However it is not performing on it’s best at lollipop. You might see some glitch on your lollipop ; however, that is very rare. In order to run this app, you don’t need to have a rooted app. I repeat, you don’t have to have a rooted phone. That’s just incredible. See the working device list here.

Please note that, you need a 5 Ghz router to have a smooth gaming experience by connecting the smartphone and the PS4 connected via LAN cable. Let’s see some notable features of the PS4 remote play app:

  • wifi check removed
  • connection speed check removed
  • Native dual-shock 4 support [beta]
  • Root check/APK signature check disabled
  • XML or Jar dependencies is removed
  • Downgraded min required SDK to 2.2

Wif and root checks were removed to play on slower data connection with minimum required speed for smoother graphics. The port comes in two flavors. FIrst one is normal which includes the remote play app, dualshock manager app with required files to display the PS4 remote play icon in the Playstation app. Second one is minimal, where

The Remote Play App works which is wonderful for low memory devices.

In order to use this app you need to download this zip file from the provided link below and flash it via custom recovery.


If things are tough for you , you can directly install the PS4 Remote Play standalone app : Click Here

How to use any Android Smartphone as a PS4 controller:

  1. At-first create a secondary PlayStation network account
  2. Now open the PS4 remote play app on your android device and sign in to your PS (PlayStation ) with secondary account
  3. Let’s navigate on your PS4 > Settings > Remote Play settings > Add device . A code will be generated and you are requested to save that code for later
  4. Tap on the Nextbutton on the remote play app on your android and keep skipping unless it’s “searching”
  5. Let’s use the code generated in the step 3 to connect the android device to PS4
  6. After finishing you should be able to see something on your android app
  7. Let’s login on to your main account on PS4 and play remotely

This app is still in beta and in order to more updated news follow the xDa thread of this app.


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