7 Best Cases & Covers For Nexus 9

Best Cases & Covers For Nexus 9

Google’s new HTC Nexus 9 is a beautiful android tablet. There are many accessories on the market for this awesome tablet. Many third party manufacturers are making beautiful covers and cases for HTC’s Nexus 9. It’s an 9 inch tablet with beautiful display ,and that is why the owners of this tablet need to take good care of their gadget. Google’s Nexus 9 was introduced at the November’s first week and since then there are many manufacturers building different yet beautiful cases and covers for Google’s HTC Nexus 9 tablet.

Looking for best cases & covers for nexus 9? If you are one of the proud owners of this awesome tablet ,then you should get a case or cover for your Tablet 9.  There are people who likes to avoid cases or covers for their tablets or phablets. Indeed, I am one of them. However, my brother bought a Nexus 9 last month. After seeing the large and beautiful 8.9 inch quad-hd display I fall in love with this tablet. At that time I understood that it is necessary to use cases or covers to protect these awesome stuffs from any kind of physical damages. If you are a proud owner of Nexus 9 then you should see this list and get one by tomorrow.

#1. HTC Magic Cover

HTC Magic Cover

This is the official cover developed by HTC. They also made an cover with keyboard but that will written later on this post. However, this cover is developed by Googla & HTC in four colors. This is one of the best cover available for Google’s HTC Nexus 9. The Magic cover is a magnetic attachment cover that can be attached to the front or back of the tablet and the cover can fold into two stand positions, the upright position for viewing and low or lying position for typing. Another important thing is that it supports to wake up the phone when you remove the cover from it’s front side. If you remove or fold the corner flap then it will launch the camera also. However this is an awesome thing to protect your nexus 9 from an kind of physical damage. It is listed on amazon . It is available in four colors.


htc magic cover nexus 9

htc Nexus 9 cover

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#2. Fintie Google Nexus 9 Case

fintie nexus 9 cover image

This is another awesome case by Fintie for Google’s HTC Nexus 9. It is ultra thin and lightweight. There are people who avoids using cases because of their weight ,but this case has low weight. This would be a perfect case for those people. Let’s see the features


  1. It has smooth cutouts to use all the features of tablet.
  2. It’s slim and lightweight
  3. It is made with premium quality PU. As a result it is so soft and comfortable to use and it adds and extra layer of protection
  4. Cover can be work in portrait stand or keyboard stand
  5. Various colors to choose from
  6. Removing/closing the cover will close or open the screen respectively
  7. It’s magnetic clasp ensures that the screen is locked

Photos:Fintie Nexus 9 cover

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#3. Poetic Google Nexus 9 Case

Best Nexus 9 case poetic


An another awesome cover for Nexus 9 , developed by Poetic. It is a very strong case to protect your nexus 9 from any kind of physical damage. It is available in four colors.


Black,Pink,Grey/white, Blue


  1. Dual layer construction to give extra strength
  2. It uses Hybrid TPU skin & polycarbonate frame
  3. Provides maximum shock-absorbency
  4. Limits dust damage
  5. Embedded with a screen protector ,which is water resistant

Photos: poetic Nexus 9 cover

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#4. Nexus 9 Case & Cover by FYY

FYY’s premium leather case smart cover is one of the best smart cover for Nexus 9. It has card slots , pocket and even a stylus holder. What else you can ask for?

best cover for nexus 9


Black, Gold, Green, Red & Blue


  • It’s material is Premium PU leather
  • Beautifully finished interior and exterior
  • It has card slot to store business card or personal cards
  • Slot to store sd card or sim card
  • Magnetic strip enable auto wake-up or sleep option
  • very good quality with fashionable finish
  • slim and lightweight finish
  • Allows to use all buttons and features of the Nexus 9

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#5. SUPCASE for nexus 9

fyy cover for nexus 9

This is a good alternative of the official cover by HTC. This is developed by SUPCASE. It’s strong and gorgeous looking.


  • Cutouts enable this case to properly fit on the Nexus 9
  • Easy to use and easy to remove
  • Built-in screen protector to save the screen from scratches
  • Bump and shock absorbent
  • Made with dual layer by poly-carbonate hard shell
  • You can access all buttons while on the case

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#6. Google Nexus 9 Case by Moko 

moKo Nexus 9 Case
This is a slim, simple & efficient cover by MoKo for Nexus 9. It is enriched with many facilities like premium quality materials and functions.


Black,Red,Green,Pink,Pink red, floral, Violet


  • It automatically wakes up or sleep on opening lid or closing lid respectavly
  • Premium quality material like PU leather
  • Magnetic closure is enabled
  • Ultra slim and lightweight
  • No bezel around the screen
  • Best features : Life time warranty

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#7. LK Nexus 9 Case- 360 rotating option + stylus pen

LK Nexus 9 case

You will get a 360 rotating case with a stylus pen. It’s main features is it’s 360 rotation.


Red,Pink,Blue,Sky blue


  • This case for Nexus 9 has something very different and it is 360 rotation. Through this you will be able to rotate your tablet on portrait to landscape easily.
  • Allows to use all the buttons
  • Protects the device from scratches and physical damages
  • Smart wakeup on opeing cover

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These are currently the best cover available for Nexus 9. Google’s Nexus 9 is an amazing tablet and you should take good care of it. Look at the features and prices to find the perfect cover for your HTC Nexus 9. These are the best cases & covers for nexus 9 . So enjoy !!!


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