How to Root Galaxy S6 Without Tripping KNOX Via PingPongRoot

Galaxy S6 Rooting Without Tripping KNOX

Rooting is fun but Samsung does not wants you to root your device and install custom ROMs. They want you to stay on the stock firmware. Previously we used to follow a simple rooting guide and root our device then install custom ROMs. However if any problem arises we use to flash the stock ROMs. It was that easy at that time.

However rooting Galaxy S6 is not easy like before. Samsung has redefined KNOX. KNOX is a security program by Samsung for it’s Galaxy Devices. KNOX is used by the Samsung to prevent the users from rooting their device, with at least revoking the warranty.

What happens if KNOX is tripped?

If you root your Samsung Galaxy devices and if the KNOX is tripped then KNOX counter gets activated (tripped). It’s (KNOX) counter goes from 0x0 to 0x1. It shows whether your device is tempered or not. The badass part of this counter is that if it gets tripped you can;t reset it.

If your Galaxy device like Galaxy S6 needs to be send to the shop or customer care for any kind of problem, then it won’t be covered if the KNOX is tripped. Few months ago a tool named Towelroot was released for android devices which could allow the users to root their devices with just one simple clik. However that exploit got patched within weeks. That’s a shame.


PingPongRoot tool is the latest tool which can root majority of the Samsung Galaxy S^ variants. We have listed the variants below to check for yourself. Bets part of the PingPongRoot is that it does not trip KNOX. So if you are looking for to root your Samsung Galaxy S6 without tripping then PingPongRoot is the tool you need.

  • G9200ZCU1AOD5
  • G9200ZHU1AOD3
  • G9200ZHU1AOD9
  • G920R4TYU1AOD3
  • G920IDVU1AOD1
  • G920TUVU1AOCG)
  • G9209KEU1AOCI
  • G9209KEU1AODA
  • G9208ZMU1AOD5
  • G9208ZMU1AOCI

PingPongRoot File


  • Recharge your phone to at least 80%
  • You are doing this at your own risk, we are not liable for any kind of damage or problem

How to Root Galaxy S6 Without Tripping KNOX Via PingPongRoot

How to Root Galaxy S6 Without Tripping KNOX Via PingPongRoot

1. At first download the file provided above
2. Now extract the file to receive the APK file
3. Now navigate to the extracted folder and find the apk that you got after extracting the file. Now install this apk file
4.Now, go to the app drawer and open the PingPongRoot app
5. See the Get Root button? Tap on it to root your Samsung Galaxy S6

Voila , you now have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S6 without tripping the KNOX and your warranty is not void.


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