How to Root OnePlus One on Cyanogen OS 12S Lollipop ROM

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How to Root OnePlus One on Cyanogen OS 12S Lollipop ROM

Cyanogen Inc rolled out the highly anticipated Android 5.0.2 Cyanogen OS 12S ROM for OnePlus One. A reputed member named inscythe from XDA has released a tool for rooting OnePlus One in CM12S Lollipop ROM. Developer explains that he uploaded the flashable zip containing the debuggable boot.img from the official CM servers and also added the su binary to it from CM12 Nightly release.


1. Rooting will void your warranty

2. Take a proper backup of every important data

3. This guide is for Oneplus One only

4. Proceed at your own risk


1. Charge your phone to atleast 80%

2. Have proper USB cable


1. Root CM12S for OnePlus One
2. TWRP Recovery

Step By Step:

Step 1: Let’s download the root zip file and copy it to the internat storage and remember the location

Step 2: Download and install the TWRP recovery file from the link aove

Step 3: Go to recovery and take a backup of the current backup , then do a Swipe to Backup gesture from the bottom of the screen

Step 4: You have to wait until the backup completes and then follow the root installation below:

Step 5: Let’s go back to main menu of TWRP recovery and then hit install. Head back to the place where you saved the root zip files and select it. Now, perform the “Swipe to Confirm Flash” from the bottom of the screen

Step 6: Now, wait until the root file is completely flashed on your Oneplus One & then return to recovery’s main menu, then choose Reboot> System

Step 7: Navigate to Settings> About Phone. Then tap build number seven times to unlock developer options

Step 8: Now, return to the Main settings menu. Then select developer options and then check the Root Access checkbox to enable root for apps as well as in ADB

Step 9: Now launch SuperSU app> choose Settings and then uncheck the Respect CM root Setting option

Voila !!! Now your OnePlus One is now rooted with the latest Android 5.0.2 Cyanogen OS 12S ROM.


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