Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for the OnePlus One

Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for the OnePlus One

OnePlus one has become one of the most popular handset on the market. They are offering awesome features in reasonable price and there are plenty of mods, ROMs , tweaks , kernels for this handset from talented developers.

If you are a proud owner of OnePlus One and into the rooting world, then you can use these awesome custom ROMs for your OnePlus One. We will show you the features and advantages of using these custom ROMs.

Note :

  • Please note that doing this will void your warranty
  • Doing this will remove your data, so you are requested to take a proper backup of every important data


  • It has a unlocked bootloader
  • Your OnePlus One must be rooted
  • A custom recovery must be installed

Best Custom ROMs for the OnePlus One


#1. CyanogenMod12 Nightlies

Cyanogenmod 12 OnePlus One

If you are into rooting and custom ROMs world then you must have heard of the Cyanogenmod. CM12 nightlies based on android 5.0 Lollipop is one of the best custom ROM available for OnePlus One. CM12 is more stable than CM11 and it has fewer bugs then previous version. CyanogenMod provides very stable performance and it has great battery support also. Google recently unveiled lollipop for android and if you want to use lollipop on OnePlus One then CM12 can provide that. CM12 is based on android lollipop. It offers some awesome features like double tap to wake or music gestures. Another great thing is that you can enable Ambient Display which gives you Motorola like experience on your OnePlus One. Let’s see the notable features:

Notable Features: 

  • You can personalize the status bar
  • you have the option to configure buttons also
  • You can enable on-screen buttons
  • you can edit power menu
  • wake your phone with volume keys
  • change notification lights
  • improved performance
  • quick toggles
  • change battery lights
  • improved color

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#2. BlisPop ROM


This is another awesome custom ROM for Oneplus which is based on android 5.0. This awesome ROM will allow you to get an awesome experience on your OnePlus One. This ROM provides some unique and amazing features also. Let’s check the notable features of BlissPop ROM

Notable Features:

  • Battery bar options
  • Traffic monitor
  • Clock & Date options
  • Google Search enable in the recent apps menu
  • Quick pull down available
  • Gesture anywhere to enable to perform tasks even when in an app
  • Awesome & beautiful toast animations adapted from Android Lollipop
  • Stock CM11S features like Notification light and lock screen shortcuts

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#3. crDroid


I used this custom ROM on my OnePlus One. This ROM is developed by Cristiano Mator and it is actually based on CyanogenMod’s sources with additional customization features.
Notable features:

  • change status bar
  • change clock color and font
  • Increase navigation bar height and more
  • Stable
  • frequent updates

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#4. SlimLP


SlimLP is a different types of unique ROMs for Oneplus One. It offers a plenty of customization options and some unique features also. It’s notable features include the shake events, slim launcher ,camera with true view.
Notable Features:

  • Shake events
  • Slim launcher
  • New camera app
  • wide keyboard controls

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#5. Resurrection Remix ROM

Resurrection Remix ROM is known for the combination of features in it. This rom us based on CYanogenMod, AOKP, Paranoid Android, Omni & original Resurrection Remix ROM builds. It will not only provide you a stock near experience but also a huge combination of features . Let’s see the notable features:

Notable features:

  • Battery bar customization
  • Gestures in everywhere
  • Brightless Slide on statusbar
  • Rich & Fluid animations adapted from Lollipop
  • Navigation Bar ring switch/targets
  • CyanogenMod audio equalizer

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There are some other custom ROMs also, if you like any of other custom ROMs then please mention that in the comments below. While choosing the custom ROMs , I prefer that you should see the features and chose the custom ROM appropriately.

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