How to Search Your Android Phone On Google

Do you know that you can use Google Search to find your Android phone?

Believe it or not, Google just released a new feature which will allow you to find your phone via searching “find my phone”. Google is always trying their best to provide the best services for android and this is the latest addition.

The process is very simple, you have to logged in Chrome browser with the Gmail address which you are already using on your Android phone. In this process you will have to type  “find my phone” as a regular Google search and it will do your work. It will start looking for your phone. It will open a map and it will show you the place where the phone it last used. However, if you have more than 1 devices synced in your Google account then you have to select the device you are looking for. You can even ring from there. It will ring for 5 minutes in loud speakers. However, if you found the phone you can turn the music off by pressing the power button.

However, we used to use Android Device Manager to track out android phones which can be enabled by going to Settings> Security> Device Administrators and enable the option. However with this new technology you can easily track your android phone. One thing that need to be mentioned is that you have to have enabled the visibility of your device in the Google Playstore.

How to Search Your Android Phone On Google

1. Turn on GPS/ location on your android device

2. Enable device’s visibility from Playstore settings. In order to do that you have to go to the Google Playstore on your dekstop and then click on the Setting icon and select settings

3. Let’s check the Visibility option for the device you want to track

4. We are done already !!! Just go to the Google search bar and type “find my phone” and a map will appearfind my phone

5. Select the phone that you want to track and it will show you the location

How to Find My Lost phone

As I said before you can even ring the phone/tablet using that screen. You can even erase the data or lock the phone if you want. If you chose to erase data then the handset will go the factory image, however removing the data from SDcard is not guaranteed. I hope you enjoyed the article and if you do then please like our Google+ page .


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