How to Root Xiaomi Mi3

How to root Xiaomi Mi3

Xiaomi is a smartphone manufacturer from China. They are becoming more popular day by day with their stunning handsets. We are aware of there handsets and I hope you so. They are trying their best to provide the best qyality and feature stuffed phone. With services like MIUI, cloud messaging & theme support they are just improving in an increasing rate.

In this thread we will show you how to root the Mi3. Rooting is becoming easy and important task for the advanced users. Rooting is required to use the root access requiring apps, to install custom ROMs, unlock handset power and many more. In this thread we will shows you the simplest way to root your Xiaomi Mi3 handset. Just follow the steps and you will be done.


Rotting will void the warranty of your Xiaomi Mi3 handset
Backupp your apps before you do rooting
We are not anyway responsible for any kind of damage caused by this rooting intructions


Step 1: Before rooting backup your android device using Titanium backup for app/data

Step 2: You need to enable the USB debugging in your device to root

It should be like this way

Settings> Applications > Development > USB debugging

Tick the checkbox inside the debugging option

Step 3: Charge your mobile to 100% or at least 60%

Step 4: Disable any kind of antivirus or firewall running on your phone

Step 5: Download the USB drivers (ADB & Flashboot) so that it is compatible with Windows

How to Root Xiaomi Mi3

  1. Download the appropriate ZIP file for your device from the list provided below. Save the file in the root directory of the internal storage on your device
  2. Head over to Tools then open the updater . After that tap on the menu option and select “Select Update Package”
  3. In order to star the rooting of your Xiaomi Mi3 you need to select the downloaded ZIP file and then select the update option
  4. Rooting process has began and it will take some time to root the device. The device might be restared as it is the process of the rooting procedure. Do not panic as it might take some time. Just hold on.
  5. Ok. After this you need to complete this process , you have to open te security option from the general settings area. And then allow the root permission access. That’s it your Xiaomi Mi3 device is rooted now.

Reminder: Don’t foret to take backup of your apps through the Titanium Backup app before you start the backup process

This is how to Root Xiaomi Mi3. 


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