How to Protect Android Phone from Malware

If you are thinking that what is malware and how to protect android phone from malware then this is the thread you are looking for. At first you need to know what is malware !

 How to Protect Android Phone from Malware

What is Malware?

Malware is a specifically designed software which will disrupt or damage the computer system. Malware can do damage to your android phone or tablet. These malwares can cause severe damage to your android device. This is why it is important to protect your android device from malwares.

How it is affecting android?

Most of the android smartphones are not secured or protected from these malwares. Peoplewho are behind these malwares are always looking for to steal financial data from users. And this is why you should be aware of protecting your android phone from any kind of malwares. There are chances that your android will be infected with malware or it is already is. So you need to be aware about these malwares. Follow these steps to understand more.

How to Protect Android Phone from Malware?


1. Download apps from trusted sources only:

You download apps or games from the trusted sources only. Google Playstore is a trusted place to get your apps. As it is the official app distribution center it always checks/scans the apps for malicious code and removes any apps which have any kind of malicious codes. There are other Google Play alternatives which are trusted also. See this thread to find the alternatives of Google playstore.  Sometimes we download files from different websites where it is needed to turn on the “installation from unknown sources” to install those apps. Please be aware of these situations to observe whether that website is trusted or not. Only use apps from trusted sources.

Alternative of Google Playstore: CLICK HERE

2. Avoid Pirated Apps:

Try to avoid the pirated apps as they might have the malicious code. Try to purchase the apps which will help you to protect yourself from malware and will allow the developer to keep developing. Most of the times pirated apps are the main reason for getting infected with malware. So it will be a wise decision to avoid these pirated apps. Sometimes there are promotion in different trusted appstores where they offer free or reduced price of the apps and then you have the chane to grab the desired premium app of your choice.

3. Update your Android (if available):

If there is an update for your Android version then update it as soon as possible . There might be chances that the security system is improved in the new software version.

4. Install antivirus apps:

There are plenty good antivirus apps available for android phones. Most of them fights against virus and malwares. If you are already using antivirus than it is good for your but in case if you are not, then check this link below to find the best antivirus for your android phone or tablet.

Best antivirus for Android 2014 : Click here

5. Read reviews:

Before installing an app from anywhere please read the reviews of what the previous downloader have said. It will help you to find whether the app is good or not. This is the easiest way to protect yourself from any kind of problem regarding malware attack on your android smartphones.

6. Identify Fake apps:

If you are downloading from non-trusted places then there are chances that the apps you are downloading might be affected with malicious. Even the app might not be even the real app and by using the app icon they are just offering fake app whhich is basically an malware. SO be aware of these kinds of fake apps.


Malwares can cause many types of problem in your android phone beside stealing your financial data. It will be a good for you to protect your android device from getting infected with malware. Follow the listed steps and you will be able t protect your android phone from malwares.


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