5 Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 is an awesome handset from Samsung. If you are using it then you must know that you can boost the power of it through rooting the device and installing custom ROMs on it. There are many ROMs with different features which will help you to find the desired function you are looking for. It is easy to install these custom ROMs. However we are here to tell you the top 5 best Custom ROMs for the Galaxy S4. Before rooting you need to take backup of your apps. There are apps on the playstore to help you with that. Let’s see the best custom ROMs for Galaxy S4.

5 Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy S4

Note: Check GT-i9500 for the standard version, and GT-i9505 for the 4G version.

1.Pac-Man 4.4.2

pac man roms

Pacman is a popular ROM for the Galaxy S4 which is based on the android KitKat 4.4. it combines many function from the ParanoidAndroid and Cyanogenmon along with the AOKP. As a result, it ha smany features for the users and it improved itself also. It is still on developing stage, so there are more to come.

  • Galaxy S4 i9500 is based on Android 4.4
  • Galaxy S4 I9505 is based on Android 4.3


  • Floating Window
  • Low battery warning
  • RAM bar
  • Slim pie
  • OTA updates

Download Pacman 4.4.2: 


miui custom ROM

MIUI is a popular custom ROM for the android phones. It works perfectly on the the Galaxy S4. It’s color management is working smoothly with the Galaxy S4. It offers big icons ,which might be cool for you. It is developed by the famous Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi.


  • Customization option
  • Good music player
  • Instant flash light if the home button is pressed
  • send SMS from your computer
  • Blacklist
  • Offers data statistics like how much data used & remaining
  • It has firewall and spam filter along with antivirus
  • Backup your contact, system & backups your apps


3. Lidroid V2.0

LiDroid V2.0


  • Based on 4.4.2 KitKat
  • Deodex
  • Rooted
  • All the Samsung features are provided
  • Theme support through Lidroid Theme support
  • Different widgets
  • LockScreen app
  • Call recording on through Lidroid settings


4. CyanogenMOD 11

One of the best custom ROM for android smartphones. It is an awesome custom ROM which is clearly standing on the top of the market. If you don’t know which ROM to use then youmust try this as it looks too natural. Cyanogen MOD is stable and fast.


5. Prism Barebone ROM

This ROM is based on android 4.3. It is sleek and stable which give you the option to choose between the pure android design & touchWiz. Although the pre-installed apps are deleted but the widgets are available.


These are the 5 best custom ROMs for Galaxy S4. Please see the versions compatibility before rooting.


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