How To Take Screenshot in Xiaomi MIUI ROM

MIUI is a popular custom ROM which is available for many devices. Initially, Xiaomi was popular for their MIUI ROM, later on, the device became a hit in the market.

MIUI custom ROM is kind of iOS like ROM which is famous for being a huge number of theme and the customization system.

Even though their new devices are getting popular, yet they have a long way to go. MIUI ROM comes with many customization system and process.

Some users reported that there is problem in taking screenshots in MIUI ROM. You may get confused if you are new to the MIUI ROM.

There are several reasons why you may want to take screenshot in your MIUI ROM.

How to Take Screenshot on Xiaomi Devices and MIUI ROM

If you follow the methods below, you will be able to take a screenshot on your Xiaomi Devices or MIUI OS.

Method 1

This is the basic function from android. You need to press the “Power Button” and Volume down Button simultaneously for few seconds and there will be a flash on the screen. You will see a notification on the abode screen which will display that the screenshot has been captured. You can view the screenshot from the above and keep, delete or share with your friends.

Method 2

This is another way of taking screenshots in MIUI ROM. Just follow the steps below and you will have your screenshot

  1. At first, pull down the notification panel
  2. Now swipe from left to the right to show Toggles
  3. Swipe down on toggles to scroll down
  4. Once you scroll down the toggles, you will see more toggles.
  5. You will see “Screenshot Toggle” below the Auto-Brightness toggle. If you want to take a screenshot just tap on it.



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