How to Wake Phone with Volume Button


How to Wake Phone with Volume Button

Ever wanted to wake up the phone with volume button? I tried because my power button is going to die. That’s why I had to search a lot to find an app which allows my android phone to wake up using the volume keys. Indeed, if you have any physical button it will work for you. This is a very good app for people who want to reduce the usage of power button and want’s to use their volume keys to wake up the screen.

Screen On (Free)

Install this app and you will see that it need to be started to start it’s actions. Let’s push the start button and it will be running background and it will show a button above the notification bar. You can always stop the service if you don’t like. However it has a bad review on the market but that is something you don’t need to look at. I am using this app and I guaranty you that it won’t disappoint you. I use an HTc desire which has a very weak power button. That’s why I had to use this app and I am totally loving it. I can even use other physical buttons to wake the phone also. That’s something really amazing and people who are facing this type of problem would love this app. It’s a very small and simple app and it’s free.


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