How to Watch Cricket Online On Mobile World cup is coming in this February 2015. If you are a cricket fan than you might be seeing the matches. However sometimes we are on move and we need to see the games on our mobile phone. If you have an android phone than you will be able to stream the games. If you have a flash player on your mobile you will be able to see the games live also. I searched a lot to live stream the cricket matches and than I found some sites and apps which allows me to watch the games online for free. Let’s see those techniques to stream cricket online on mobile. 


How to Watch Cricket Online On Mobile

Ustream is an app where many people broadcasts many thing for free. You can watch them for free. There are many categories available on this app like you can watch football ,cricket ,basketball or any other sports for free. During the world cup you will see channels broadcasting the games and you will be able to watch cricket online on mobile or on your android for free. Playstore Download


#2. Streaming Website link:

There are websites that provides streaming link to stream cricket matches on there website. If you search on Google you will be able to find the streaming links. In order to watch games through websites you need to have flash player on your mobile or android mobile. In order to play flash videos you need to have flash installed on your android. You can use Dolphin browser or photon browser to play flash videos on your android. Thus you can watch Watch Cricket Online On Mobile or android. All you need is using Dolphin browser.



There are many others way to watch cricket online on mobile. I am looking for those also. However, If you found any other way to watch cricket on android or iPhone then please note them down on the comment section.





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