5 Best Android Alarm Clock Ever

There are many alarm applications in the android market. It must tough to choose the best one but we bet this list consists the best alarm applications for android.


Alarm CLock Extreme

1. Alarm Clock Xtreme – Free

Waking up with your favourite ringtone is the moto of this application. More 25 Million users are using this application. It has a pretty goor review in the playstore which is 4.5


  1. You can set music as the alarm tone
  2. You can use random song to be the alarm tone
  3. Set math problem solving to disable or snooze
  4. A timer for counting nap time
  5. Slowly increasing alarm tone

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Funny Morning Alarm RingtonesFunny Morning Alarm Ringtones

2.Funny Morning Alarm Ringtones – Free

If you are tired of the old tring tring sound of alarm clocks then this might be the app that you need the most. It’s name actually says by itself that it will be a very funny application which will help you to woke freshly.

You can see many funny alarm tone which actually will help you to chill at the very first minute of the morning.


  1. Funny tones
  2. Tones can be used as ringtone or other sound also
  3. Same tones can be added as ringtones for the contact

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3.Puzzle Alarm Clock – Free

Puzzle Alarm Clock

Getting up in the morning is never easy. This application will try to help you to solve this issue.


  1. You have random puzzles with ever alarm clock including the math equation, captcha and patterns
  2. Up to five puzzles can be set in a row
  3. Difficult puzzles to knock your head off
  4. Low to high tone

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 4.I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock

Another powerful android alarm application for you. Funny name! Isn’t it?


  1. Eight different tasks which won’t let you down
  2. From math problem to different set of problems
  3. bar code scanning of products from your bathroom and kitchen
  4. Connect word pairs

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Sleep Bot

5. SleepBot – Sleep Cycle Alarm

This app is designed by Sleepbot. It records your movements and sounds during the night to generate a graph of your sleeping time series. See your sleeping statistics.


  1. Automatic alarm to wake up
  2. It even reminds you when to go to sleep
  3. It provides a light weight widget also

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