5 Best Custom ROMs for Nexus 4

Best Custom ROMs for Nexus 4

Nexus 4 is an awesome handset which is produced by LG & Google. If you are bored witht the stock ROM and want some changes then you can install custom ROMs on your handset. By using these ROMs you can change the interface of your handset and totally change the outlook of your phone. As a result you will see a different view of the phone and you will be delighted to see it also. These custom ROMs have different types of features with different interfaces. Today we are going to show you some of the best custom ROMs for Nexus 4. These custom ROMs are based on Android 4.4.2 . Let’s see the custom ROMs for Nexus 4 below:

1. LiquidSmooth ROM :

liquidsmooth ROM

LiquidSmooth is an awesome and popular ROM available for many android phone including Nexus 4. This theme is based on OASP. This is a lightweight theme with many features like Hove, quitehours, SlimPie or smart pull down & Liquid Dungeon.


  • Quiet hours
  • Heads Up
  • SlimPie
  • Privacy guard
  • Quick unlock

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 2. Nexus 5 Experience ROM

Nexus 5 Experience ROM

This ROM will give you the feels of using Nexus 5. This Nexus 5 ROM brings several features from the Nexus 5 to Nexus 4. It has features likes lock screen, Launcher, wallpapers and more.


  • lock-screen transparency
  • doubletap2wake
  • support for USB fast charge
  • Launcher
  • Privacy guard integrated in settings

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3. Purity ROM

purity rom for Nexus 4

Purity ROM is an advanced and feature rich ROM available for android. It has integrated most of the features available for Android along with keeping the stock features. Developer of this ROM is very active and offers bug fixes and updates all the time.


  • Quick pull-down settings
  • Battery customization
  • LED control settings
  • custom lock-screen

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4. ColorOS ROM


This is one of the best custom ROM for Google Nexus 4 and it is based on android 4.2.2 with huge features. This ROM offers features like expandable notifications panel , power manager and lot.


  • Gesture customization
  • Stable and improved performance
  • Data usage tracker
  • Launcher wit weather effect

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5. Paranoid Android

paranoid Android ROM

Paranoid Android is one of the best android ROMs available on the market. It has many features to offer for the Nexus 4.


  • Stable
  • Fast
  • refined version of Stock


One thing to remember that before installing custom ROMs make sure you have taken the backup of your files.  If you find any other good custom ROM for Nexus 4 then please mention them at the comments below.

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Last Stable release of Paranoid is from summer 2014…


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