Evernote Vs OneNote : Which one is Best?

Evernote vs OneNote Review

Evernote vs OneNote : Review

If you are looking for virtual notebooks then OneNote and Evernote are the best programs. Some people love to use Evernote and some OneNote. There are ongoing debates about which one is the best and today we are going to see the pros & cons of these awesome programs.

Evernote Pros:

  • It has a friendly userinterface which will make your notebook experience more awesome than ever. You can manage lists also.
  • You can set reminders through Evernote which will remind you about your to-do-list. It will help you to remember the meetings also.
  • Proper sync with all the devices including web
  • It has pretty good search options
  • Webclipping function is awesome and it gives reminder about it also

Evernote Cons:

  • It’s data usage policy for free users is very bad. If you are a heavy user of virtual notes than you have ot pay for it. It has a data limit of 50-60MB only.
  • It’s interface is minimal which might look outdated to you.

Onenote Pros:

  • It’s biggest advantage is that it works very well with all Microsoft applications and products. You can sync it with your Outlook, word or excel or etc. There is a shortcut that if you press windows & N then it will appear on that very moment. You can even embed word document on your OneNote account.
  • Tagging feature is pretty cool and functional. You can add small tags on the notes you are creating thus it is easy to find those notes easily.
  • Use as much as you want. There is no data cap on users.
  • If you do heavy amounts of research then this is the best app for you. You can drag and drop images from any website to OneNote.

OneNote Cons:

  • It has s syncing issue. There are times when it takes long time to sync like on the android app.
  • Web clipping issues. It saves the clipped pages at Quick Notes thus you have to move them at proper folder by yourself.

My final verdict is to chose Microsft’s OneNote. Main reason behind choosing it is that it’s free and doesn’t put cap on users. Thus you don’t have to worry about the data cap. However, both of these services are at the top of industry.


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