7 Best Live Wallpapers for Android

7 Best Live Wallpapers for Android

Live wallpaper is an awesome feature by android OS. Live wallpapers was introduced at 2.1 version and it was awesome. Though they used to use more battery but now they don’t. Now live wallpapers use less ram and consumes less battery. Android is always trying their best to provide the best features to it’s users. Some of the Live wallpapers have the ability to respond to your touches in the screen. Let’s see the best live wallpapers of 2015. Some of the live wallpapers below are free and some are paid.

 Mountains Now $1.51

mountains now

Google now is a big initiative by Google where everything is building around the Google Now. If you are using Google Now then you might have noticed the mountains. This theme actually features those mountains and it’s a brilliant & cute live wallpaper which consists of little sheep and the cloud along with those mountains. It uses the gyroscopes when tilted. This is beautifully designed and colored. This is a paid app, but they offer a free one with limited options. Free version can be found here : Mountains Now Free

Playstore Download

Muzei (Free)

muzei live wallpaper for android

Muzei is one of the best live wallpapers for android. Although it’s new but it is leaving a strong mark of itself on the playstore. Muzei means Museum which is a Russian word. It shows beautiful and high resolution images on the background and it rotates also. You might wonder that how come it’s live wallpaper ; it applies dim and blur filter to make the home page busy. You can always double tap to see the unblurred image. It provides new images everyday. Best part of this live wallpaper is that it is totally free.

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Space Colony $1.65

space colony

Space colony is a detailed live wallpaper for sci-fi lovers. That matter of great joy for us is that it consumes few juices. You can chose different backdrops with different lghting effect. It will slowly keep moving from one side to another. It will cost you $1.65 only.

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Live Jellyfish $1.99

jellyfish live wallpaper

Yes , in this live wallpaper you will see colorful jelly fishes roaming around your screen. Like the real jelly fishes these will also bring tranquil & hypnotizing movements. It’s paid and it will cost you only $1.99

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Asus MyWater (Free)

Asus My Water live wallpaper

This live wallpaper is designed by Asus. It’s a very simple and free wallpaper for android phone or tablets. As you can see an ice floating on the screen , it indicates that how much battery is left. Th higher the ice floats the more battery you have.

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Wave ($1.49) [Free]wave best live wallpaper for android

Wave is an android live wallpaper which is quite a bit like he background of PS3 theme. As you can see the screenshot of the app it will show a colored wave on your desktop of phone. It will glow all the time. You can change the color & speed of the waves also. It will cost you $1.49 but follow the link above for Trail Version.

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Papercraft ($0.99)

papercraft live wallpaper

This is a material design based live wallpaper for android users. This live wallpaper comes with different materialistic design and color along with different textures.

Playstore Download

There are thousands of live wallpaper on the Playstore and we picked some of them. If you think there are more live wallpapers that need to be mentioned than please list them and mention them at the comments below. Thanks for being with us.


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