5 Best VPN Apps for Android

5 Best VPN apps for android

VPN means Virtual Private Networks. These are the security tools to browse the internet safely. You can use VPNs to avoid the regional restrictions or the firewall which is protecting you to use any website. You can use these VPNs to smooth your internet using. You can bypass youtube regional locking or you can protect yourself from public wifi or from hackers. You can browser internet anonymously. These are the 5 best VPN apps for Android. Read the article and you will understand which one will suite you. They provides free service also but in order to get the premium service you need to purchase their subscription.


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I have been using Super VPN Client for few days and I have to agree that it is one of the best VPN apps for android. It offers 20 day free and then you can pay or you can continue using it. However after 20 days it will be reconnected after using one hour and you can keep using like that. If any website or app is locked in your country or region then you can use this app to browse them.

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1. F-Secure Freedome VPN

[$4.99 per month & $24.99 per year]

This app provides 7 day free Trial for you to use VPN on your android mobile. By using their VPN service you can protect yourself from hackers or harmful apps. It has a built-in virus checker also. By using the 7 day trial you will be able to understand whether you need their service or not. They offer unlimited bandwidth also in their premium package. Just push the button and you are anonymous in the internet. This app is specially built for the users who have never used VPN before. Amateur or pro, all can be benefited from this service.

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2. FlashVPN :

FlashVPN is a vpb providing app for android. It’s free , which is really rare in this type of services. The app does not have many features like the big apps but it surely has enough feature for you. Through the VPN encryption it protects your privacy. Again, it’s free for use.

flashVPN screenshot

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3. FastSecure VPN

FREE | $2.5 per month | $7.10 for three months | $13 for 6 months | $16.70 for 12 months.

Fast Secure VPN is a very simple VPN service app for android. If you are facing regional restrictions in your country then VPN services might be very handy to you. It’s pay structure is a little bit confusing. Although it has free version but it would be wise to use the Pro version because free version has some limitations. It’s easy to use but if you are an advanced user it would be great to use other full featured vpn apps for your android.

Fast Secure VPN

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4. Hideman VPN

Free | $2.90 per month | $24.90 per year

Hideman VPN offers free VPN service for users up to 5 hours per week. In the free version you will be able to choose few countries and chose from them. They have both “per hour” pay system and “per month”usage system. Most of the people might not need VPN all the time rather they might need it few times. In that case, it is a good choice. You can earn free premium points from in app ad networks.

Hideman VPN for android

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5. VPN Free VPN Hideninja

Free | $2.99 to remove ads | $19.99 per year for Pro version]

Hideninja VPN is a very popular VPN app for android. It’s free service allows you limited number of countries with unlimited usage. It’s easy to use and the theme is good also. It’s interface is good looking means you can use without prior experience in VPN.

HideNinja best vpn for android

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Use these VPN apps for android and keep yourself safe in the internet.


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