Best Guitar Apps for Android

Best Guitar Apps for Android

Playing Guitar is cool and as a Guitarist I felt that people values guitarists as rock star. I always loved the look from the girls. Now a days there are many apps to help the guitarists to assist them in playing guitar in a more organized way. If you own a android handset and wants to play guitar than these apps can help you in many ways. These android apps helped me a lot to improve myself. Let’s be a rock star and rock the world.

Best Guitar Apps for Android

1. Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords ($1.99)

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

If you are and active guitarist than you must have heard or visited the ultimate guitar website. They are one of the best guitar chords and new website. I have learned many things from their site. I learned playing many popular songs from there.

It doesn’t matter whether you are pro or a beginner this app will help you in many ways. It has all the chords and provides almost all tabs for all songs. You can access the files on offline too. It updates it’s database everyday for free. If you are a left handed guitarist than that’s not a problem as they offers solution for the lefty guitarists too. Beside providing tabs they offers accurate tuner with metronome also. What else can you expect from this app? This app is a must have for the guitarists. It is priced at $1.99 only.

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2. Guitar Pro ($6.08)

Best guitar teacher ever !!! If you are taking help from your computer than the app you are using must be GUitar Pro. It helps you to play the guitar pro files. You can create guitar pro file by using this app also. Want to learn a song’s solo but don’t know the notes? No problem because this app cna help you to find the notes. It will show you how to play that chors or the solo or the riff. Basically it is the king app for the guitarists. It is avilable at windows also. However you should install it in your android tab or mobile also because it is that much worthy.

You can play the GP4,GP5 and the GPX file formats. It offers metronome. You can import files from the library, file browser or from web. It has a built in library for the users. You can change the tempo from the app.

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3. Guitar Tuner:

Guitar Tuner

It is important to tune the Guitar correctly. If you want to tune the guitar in a specific scale than this app for guitarists can help you to tune your guitar perfectly. It can help you to tune your guitar in drop d, open or custom tuning. You can tune your ukulele or violin or cello also. It works for both acoustic and electric guitars. This simple and easy app is a must have if you want to tune your guitar perfectly.

Playstore Download4. Chord! Free (Guitar Chords)

Best Guitar App for Android

A simplest and complete way to learn the chords of Guitar. It will help you to find the easiest way to play the songs along with finger spotting. It has all the chords enlisted thus you won’t have to forget them as they are already in your pocket all time. However, the free version is limited to five scales and 8 tunings. It’s paid version which is $3.99 will open up the custom tuning and revers chord and more.

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5. Metronome Beats

Metronome Beats

This is a free android app which gives you metronome beats. If you want to be a accurate in playing and want to hit the right note at the right time than you need to follow the metronome. You can create metronome with your legs by creating sound but you can’t keep the same tempo all time or you can’t have high tempo. That is why this app can help you to have a perfect tempo maintenance. You can use this app to increase your guitar playing skill easily.

This app gives you the opportunity to play musical instrument in a steady tempo. You can set the beats and tempo. You can select tempo from 1 to 300 per minute. You can use this metronome beats app to do any type of things that require a tempo like dancing.

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6. Guitar Jam Tracks Scales Buddy ($4.99)

This is an award winning guitar app for android and iOS. By using this app you can practice jamming. If ever felt boring to practice then this app is the app you are looking for. It makes learning fun. Use the chords and scale to master the solo leads. Learning scales was never fun but this app will make it. This is the app you need to entice your practice or jamming.

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7. Audio Evolution Mobile DAW ($7.29)

Want to record the sound of your guitar playing? Well we all do!!! This app for android can help you to record the sound of your guitar. It is sometimes named as the best recording app for android. With lot’s of features it will make your guitar recording more professional ever. This is not a free app, it costs $7.29 but it is totally worthy. It has too many features that you will feel more powerful than ever. Check the download link provided below for all the features. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the go or you have enough time , either way it is a must have app for guitarists.

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“I dedicated all the time I had to it. The 10 hour workout was just what I put in the magazine at the time, but for me it was every waking moment.” ~ Steve Vai

You have to be passionate about your playing. You have to spend more time practicing. These apps can help you to make you a good guitar player but if you don’t give enough time to the Guitar then you might fail. So my suggestion to you is that grab your guitar and play as long as your finger hurts and use these awesome best Guitar apps for android to make the most out of Guitar playing.


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