5 Best Loan Calculator app for Android

Taking loans are not easy and repaying them is more harder than taking loans. If you are struggling to do the math of how to repay the loans then these apps can do some help to you. These apps can do different type of financial analysis on how to repay the loans or what amount you need to repay in what schedule, whether monthly or quarterly is a good option for you , or how to take a home loan or car loan. These apps can do loan amortization also. See the features to know what app is needed by and these best loan calculator app for android will help you to repay the loans easily or most cost efficient ways. If you found these loan calculator working then please leave a comment below.

1. Loan Calculators

Loan Calculator

This app will help you to calculate four different types of loans.


  1. Monthly payment calculator: It will help you to quickly estimate the monthly payment of a loan
  2. Interest rat calculator: It will help you to calculate the true interest rate of a loan
  3. Loan term calculator: It will help you to find the loan term which will be comfortable for you.
  4. Loan Amount calculator: It will help you to estimate the biggest possible loan amount

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2.Financial Calculators

Loan Calculators

Comparative to other calculators it can calculate many types of financial equations including loans.


  1. Compound interest calculator
  2. Credit card pay off calculator
  3. Auto loan calculator
  4. Loan calculator
  5. Loan compensation

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3. Housing Loan Calculator

It is very important to calculate the housing loans if you are going for a loan for housing. This app can help you in this case. It is a simple calculator which will help you to calculate the monthly housing loan repayments. Here you have t input the loan amount and interest rate and the installment periods in years.

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This is a very easy car loan calculator. It includes the optional inputs for the sales tax and the insurance. Just calculate the monthly cost of the ownership. The basic math is quite same. It can be used in any automobile or motorcycle loan calculator. Now it has amortization tables also along with early payoffs.

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It is a simple app to calculate the principal, payment rate or period. It has a calculation type of different types. You need to be little more knowledgeable about loans than average to use this app.

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