Best App to learn Spanish

There are many application in android market to teach you spanish. In this post we will list some of the best application to learn Spanish in android phone or tablets.

1.Learn Spanish with Babbel : Best application to learn Spanish in android phones. This app is featured in various website like mashable , NY times, Wired. users will little or no knowledge about Spanish can learn easily. There are many interactive courses in this android application. You can listen, write & even speak. It teaches Spanish grammar very easily and effectively that you will start talking in Spanish within few days. It can synchronize between tab , website or mobile . Download

2.Learn Spanish : This app contains more than 800 Spanish words and phrases to get the basic of Spanish. This is a good option for the travelers to learn the basic vocabularies. In this app you will be assisted with a talking parrot who will help you to understand and pronounce the Spanish words. Download 

3.Learn Spanish 6000 Words : This app literally teaches you 6000 words. These are common words which we use in our daily life. It has a funny system to teach you these words. Download 

4.Spanish Verbs : If you want to be a master of Spanish verbs than you need this application.  Download

5. Speak Spanish Free: This app will help you to dig the most important words if you are just a traveler or newbie. This app provides clear audio message of all the word. There are categories to select. YOu can hear and practice by yourself. Download



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