Best App to track Data Usage or Internet Usage

It might be tough to track the data usage of your android device. Monitoring data usage has always been a pain. Don’t worry we were there also. It might be important for you to check the data usage because it is associated with your monthly data bundle or money. If you want to track your data properly then you need to check these apps. These best app to track data usage will help you in different ways.

Why use app to track data usage?

  • It can help you to track your data usage
  • Can save your precious data
  • Can save your money
  • Can find a pattern of how you use your Internet data

What are the best app to track Data Usage or Internet Usage on your android or iPhone?

These are the best app to trak or measure data usage on your android or iPhone.

1. Onavo count:

Onavo Count Data usage count

Onavo count is one of the most popular data usage monitor app for android. You can easily monitor the data usage of your android device. They have many options to track the data easily. Their dasboards and different tracking system helped me to see how much data I have been using and I found a pattern of my data using also. It can count the wifi data usages also.

  • Compare your data usage with other users
  • Breakdown of your data usage according to music,maps,etc
  • Onavo Extend Integration helps to reduce data usage

Download Onavo


2.My Data Manager – Data Usage:

best app to track data usage : My Data Manager

One of the best android app to to track data usage. It will help you to measure your data usage easily. This app has beautiful dashboard which will sooth your eyes while watching over the statistics of your data usage. It’s trend analysis is one of the best feature which will help you to choose the best data plan for your android.


  • Track which app uses most data
  • Set alarm to track whether an app is using more data than other
  • Trend analysis of your data usage to choose the right Internet package for you
  • Save money through using the app

Download My Data Manager – Data Usage

3. 3G Watchdog – Data Usage

3g Watchdog data usage tracker

An easy to use app to measure your data usage of your android. It can measure your 3g/4g/mobile/wifi usage. It has two data usage widget which helps you to see the data usage from your homepage. Let’s have a peek in the feature:


  • Data export into csv
  • Alert system which will alert you when you are exceeding more than anticipated
  • Current usage in notification bar

Note: Don’t install it in SD card

Download 3G WatchDog Data Usage

4. Internet Speed Meter Lite

Easy and simple app to track your Internet usage. It’s lite version meaning it has some featured locked for the pro version. However this is good enough to track your daily mobile data usage and wifi usage. I am using this on my android and I am loving it. This is simplest app to monitor data usage on android.

Download Internet Speed Meter Lite

5. Data Monitor:

It is a small app which will monitor the data usage of your android phone. It can measure the mobile data or the wifi data. Best part of this app is that it uses little battery than other apps. It consumes little juice of your battery. So if your android is running out of juice because of the data usage apps than you should use this app.

You can use any of the apps for free to track or measure or monitor your data usage. Each of the app is trying there best to stand on the market. Even though onavo is ruling the market but other apps of this list are capable of doing the best to calculate the data usage. These best app to track data usage will give you different flexibility over the time. I hope you like them.



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