Best Apps of Call recorder for Android


Call recorder for android are the apps which enables you to record the call you are making or receiving. There are bunch of apps which claims that they can record the calls but most of them are foul or can’t record the calls. Recording calls might be important for people if they are having an important call to remember. It is better to notice the opposite party while recording a call. It’s a decent move in my point. However see the apps and see which one suits for you.


1.Automatic Call Recorder:

It is one of the popular app to record phone calls on android. You can customize to which call to record and which call not to. It has an option to store the files on Google Drive. You can integrate the system such it will store the files on your Google drive. Record any call you want. Remember that some smart phones might not work with this app. So it is better to use the free version and then switch to pro version if you want the files to be saved automatically to the Cloud.


  • Record calls
  • Store the files in inbox
  • You can change the path to store the files
  • Three different recording mode
  • Set which contact to ignore and which to accept

Pro feature:

  • Save the calls and automatically store it in cloud [Google Drive]

Note: Free version has ads

Download: Automatic Call Recorder

2. Call Recorder:

Call recorder for android is an app to record calls on android. It’s a good app if you are talking softly.


  • Records Calls


You have to talk gently to record it in a decent tone. Otherwise the voice gets distorted.
Sometimes the sound from the other side is little that you need to hear it through ear phone.
Sometimes it crashes on some smartphones. However it’s a good app for some people.

Download Call recorder

3. Mp3 Call Recorder:

Easiest way to record calls on android. Even though some ratings from the Google playstore says it is not playing the recorded files yet I searched for more and found that many people are using this app and satisfied with this call recording app. Let’s see the features:


  • Simple app to record calls
  • Auto Recording

Note : If not recording properly then you need to change the audio source in the settings and try again.

Download Mp3 Call Recorder


These are the best call recorder for android. You can select which call to record and which not to including automatic save into cloud. Cheers!



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