Best Apps to Hide Pictures on Android

How to hide photos on android?

Do you ever wanted to hide your pictures? Or lock your pictures so that other people can’t find them in your phone? You might want to hide that kinky photo with your bf or that selfie you took with your crush. Actually it is easy to hide pictures on your android phone. There are apps to hide your pictures on your android.

Best Apps to Hide Pictures on Android

Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)

Gallery Lock is selected as the app of the year by Times Magazine. It can hide your pictures and videos. You can create folders,gallery for the pictures or videos you want to lock. You can restore the photos from the app. It uses a easy to use PIN pad to lock the photos. It is easy to use and handy to users. I personally use this app to hide photos or videos I don’t want to share with my friends. It supports cloud backup also. It can share the photos in your cloud service. If someone tries to open this app and fails in completing the password for three times than it will take the photo of the user by front camera.

app to hide pictures

App to hide pictures and videos

Download Gallery Lock

Hide Pictures in Vaulty

In order to keep your pictures safe you can use this awesome app. This app can hide pictures and videos from strangers.You can hide the photos straight from your gallery. You don’t have to think again whether to give the phone to your friends or colleagues. You can lock the ap with a pin or a text password. It has a funny features named mug shot where it takes photo of the user for every wrong try. Another great features is that you can create different vault with different passwords. This app has a decent look and it can backup your photos on online also.

Vaulty app to hide photos

app to hide photos

Download Vaulty

Hide pictures – KeepSafe Vault

Hide pictures can hide your photos and videos easily. They have an easy to use PIN pad. By using this pin pad you will be able to hide the pictures you want. You can hide the videos also. It supports android phone and tablet also. You can select the photos from the gallery and you can lock them from there. You can create custom gallery in KeepSafe app to easily find the locked photos and videos.

App to hide pictures

App to hide pictures

Download Hide pictures Keep Safe


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