5 Best apps to Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the important causes of death all over the world. I am a chain smoker and I am trying my best to stop smoking. So I wanted to take help from technology. I hope these apps can help you to stop smoking. These are the best apps to stop smoking. I wish these apps can stop smoking. I really do. Smoking causes us real money ,smoking makes us sick, smoking causes cancer , yet we can’t stop smoking? Nope, not this time. I bet these app can stop smoking. I believe these are the apps that all smokers need to stop smoking. Undoubtedly these are the best app to quit smoking ūüôā

1 Stop Smoking:

Best app to quit smoking

This is a free and basic app which reminds you that why you should stop smoking. It has no annoying pop up ads. It shows you the reason to quit smoking. It shows you that quitting smoking is just as like as a game. It will keep reminding you that you are better off without the cancer causing cigarettes. This app can stop you smoking cigarettes.

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2 Stop! Quit Smoking РLITE

Stop smoking

A stat says that approximately 5.4 million people die annually from smoking cigarettes. Even though we know the bad effects of smoking we the smoker’s can’t stop smoking. This app will motivate you to stop smoking by providing facts and information about health hazards that why you should stop smoking.It shows you the real time and money saved by not smoking. It has achievements of how many days you have passed without smoking.


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3. Quit smoking РQuitNow!

Quit smoking is another top notch app to quit smoking. Quit smoking is rich with many tools to stop you from smoking. It counts times of not smoking in hour,daily and even in yearly. It has social activity option where you can share your achievements. Create your profile and stop yourself from smoking. One of the best android app to quit smoking. It will provide you WHO based indications about your health improvement.

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4. Cigarette Analytics

Through this app you can get insights on how much you are spending on cigarettes per year or month. It is associated with the data of cigarettes consumption. It has two modes named “smoking mode” and “health mode”. Through this analytic you will get the data of how many puffs you take, how much money you spent and how much damage you are doing to your health. ¬†Besides these there are features like how many brands you have smoked or how often you smoke. Basically these stats will help you to quitting smoking.

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5. Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

Start quitting smoking with more than 17 million people in USA who tries to stop smoking per year. It is featured in the healthline.com as best quit smoking app of the year 2013 & 2014. See the stats like how much money you have saved or how many cigarettes you have ditched. Join the community to help yourself and help other. Together we stop smoking, we quit smoking. This is one of the best quit smoking app for android.

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best apps to stop smoking


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