10 Best apps to have while you Travel

Travel apps

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ― Augustine of Hippo

Traveling is one of the best habit in my opinion. People who doesn’t travel are just looking at the cover of a awesome book. Traveling can make you more wise than you are right now. There is a saying that “a wise man travels to discover himself” . Now a days it is becoming more easy to travel. However trvelling requires some preparation and help also. You need to find the place you are going to travel , you need to see the map your visiting area, you need to know what might be needed in your trip, you need to know the routes, you need to search and book hotels. There are lots of things to do while you are travelling. In order to do those you can take help from the technology. Now a days smartphones are becoming very common. I am guessing that you have a smartphone also. You can check these apps which will be very helpful for you to make a trip to the place where you want to be.


1. Uber

best apps for travelling

It sucks to whistle for a taxi. Apparently you can hire a taxi without whistling anymore. There is an app named Uber which can do this job for you. You can request a ride by using this app which is available in 40 countries. You can even compare the rates for different taxi’s and choose the one which suites you best. You can pay with your paypal , Google Wallet or even with your credit card. Uber Taxi’s can pick you up from anyplace even if you don’t know the locations. Thanks to the map! just get in the taxi ,sit & relax because Uber will send you a receipt of this transaction also. A must app for you to have while travelling.

2. Hotel Tonight

Best apps to have while you Travel

Hotel tonight is another app which needs to be installed on your android phone now. It has a very focused purpose which it serves well. It offers the users with the chance of booking a hotel to check in on the same day. It might not have hundreds of hotels to choose from but it has sufficient rooms for the users. This application is really easy to use. It has pretty good design that will help you to accomplish your work very easily. You can integrate your Google Wallet account if you are in United States.

3.Expedia Hotels & Flights

Best apps to have while you Travel

Expedia is reknowed for their travel search,information and booking website. They have a app for the android and iOS users also. It has got some pretty features by itself. By using there android or iPhone app you can get a discount on the last minute hotel booking.


  1. You can save upto 40% with their app by mobile exclusive deals
  2. You can sort the price and deals
  3. Booking the flight
  4. Searching the flight
  5. Getting notifications of flight delays or other information

4. Expensify – Expense Reports

Best apps to have while you Travel

Named as the best business travel app by the business insider , it is one of the bestt app to calculate your expenses. It will work as like as your virtual accountant. You can take pictures of the receipt and select which expeneses it will go on. It can make the expense reports much easy and quicker than other apps.


  1.  Time entry
  2. Receipt image capture
  3. Scanning receipt
  4. Tracking expenses
  5. Worldwide currency support
  6. Easy report submission



Hipmunk is another must have app for the travelers. It is named as the best app of 2013 by the Google Play. It helps user to book flight.

  1. Find the lowest prices on airfare
  2. Book hotels from the hipmunk app
  3. Discount on hotel booking
  4. Tripadvisor reviews
  5. Compare hotels



Best apps to have while you Travel

Loungebuddy is a little bit different from the apps that are listed. It is actually the only app that can display all airport lounges in over 500 of the busiest airports around the world. You can browse the lounges of different airport and see teh reviews. There are different rules for different airport lounges which are available in this app. You can give reviews of lounges in this app. You ca even share the photos also. It’s all about the lounges. This app is wel designed and easy to use and contains helpful information for travelers. Every traveler should have this app.

7.XE currency

XE currency

I have been using XE currency for a long time. It’s my best mate to convert currency. If you are travelling than you might need to convert the currency and that is why you need this app. It is another best app for travelers. Through this app you can convert any currency to another. For historic chart there are more than k+ charts for the users. This app has a very simple design with nothing but benefits for the user.

8. Skyscanner – All Flights!


Skyscanner is very popular for it’s specialty on finding cheap flightss. it compares millions of flights across the world. It’s target isto save your money. You can buy ticket while on the go. Through this app you can find and book the cheapest flights. This app has cool design which works fast and effective also.


Best app for travel

This one of the best app for travelers. It has millions of traveler’s reviews,photos and maps. It makes it so easy to find the cheap & best air flight , best hotels and restaurents. It has booking options for the users. Basically it got everything a traveler is looking for. You cna even add your own reviews in this app. You can download maps or reviews to check and find the best hotel for you. It has an option named “near me” to to discover options near you. It can help you to find the best restaurants of your choice also.

10. Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic

Best app for travelling

Waze is a community based traffic and navigation app. By joining this app you can join the drivers in your area who shares real time traffic and road info , so that the drivers can save time and gas money and improve the driving experience. it live route option based on the community. It can alert about any accident or hazard or even police traps or closures of road and many more. You can find the cheapest gas stations on the route. You can add your friends on waze and see their location.

Best app for travel


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