Best Apps to Watch Live Football on Android

Best Apps to Watch Live Football on Android?

I am a big football lover. I watch almost all leagues including the BPL,La Liga, Champions league, Ligue 1, bundesliga. I am an internet entrepreneur and I roam a lot. That is why I had to see live football on my android. I just can’t stop myself from watching live football on android. These apps can help you to stream live football on your phones.

1.Football Channel Next Match

Football Channel Next Match is developed by RVB. You can stream football matches on your android phone or tablet.


  • Free to use
  • Live streaming of almost all football matches
  • Streams all major events


  • Requires high speed wifi connection

Download: Football Channel Next Match


2.NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports is renowned as a sport broadcaster in US. It has an application for android which allows you to watch live football matches on android tablet and phone. By using this app you can stream different types of sports. A biggest drawback is that it is available for the NBCSn subscribers only.


  • Stream live football matches
  • Technically not free
  • See videos and highlights of previous matches also
  • NBC video support is available on US only.

Download : 

3. UStream (FREE): 

UStream is an app to watch live videos or broadcast them. There are categories where you can select sports. If any of the broadcasteris watching any football match then you will be able to see them for free. Personally I used this app and I recommend this app. Sometimes I saw them in HD also.
Playstore Download

4. Sky Go:


This is Sky’s official mobile app which enables you to watch Premier League or lower tiers in England’s football matches. However , it is not free ; it’s price is bundled with subscription of Sky at home. See the details at their website.
Playstore Download
So watch live football on android phone or tablet and have fun.

How to Stream Live Football on Android

There are some websites which offers free stream to different types of sports like Football. These websites can be used in android to stream your favorite football match. Most of the times these websites uses flash player. You need to have flash player installed or you can use photon browser which has flash built in. You can also use Dolphin browser as it also has the ability to play flash video on browser. You can use these website to watch live football on your android.

How To Watch Life Football on Youtube App

Sometimes live footballs are telecasted via Youtube app too. Though most of the times these are not available but Tournaments like “Copa Ameria” are broadcasted via Youtube for free. This is totally legit. However, sometimes people illegally broadcasts live football on youtube.

How To Stream Live Football Matches on Android

Live video broadcasting is becoming very popular day by day. Meerkat and Periscope are becoming very popular. Sometimes the Owner of Broadcasting rights have account on these app. Like TV channels have account on this app which shows Football matches. These are legit broadcaster.


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