5 Best Collage Making App For Your Android

Undoubtedly the 5 Best Collage Making App For Your Android. All of them are free with lots of background, filters, stickers and frames. Enjoy!!!


What is collage photos?

As the social medias are becoming popular , more photos are being uploaded in these social network. Collage photos are becoming popular where more than one or two photos are merged into one photo and shared on instagram, Facebook, twitter or other social network. If you want to merge different photos and make it look cool than collage is the option for you. If you are using social networks than you are aware of collage photos. Collage photos are basically photos which contains more than one or two photos in one photo.

How to make collage?

You can make collage photos on Photoshop or other photo editing apps. If you want to make collages on your android or iPhone than you need to use some apps. There are some apps for android and iOS to make collages.

Why make collages?

It is beautiful than normal photos. Sometimes you need to share multiple moments or pictures on the same time. At that time you can joint the photos you want to share and share the collage. Thus , everybody will be on the photo and you will be able to share your joys on one picture. Sometimes you need everybody in a photo and collage photo is the only option. Let’s see some apps for android and iOS which can help you to make collage photos.

Best apps to make collage for Android an iOS

#1.PicGrid-Photo Collage Maker: [Free]

Best collage maker android app

PicGrid – Photo Collage making app

PicGrid is 100% free app for android to make collages. However it is not available for iOS. It is totally free with lots of features. You can turn your photo collections into an amazing collage. It has lots of frames,stickers,backgrounds,filters and fonts to choose from. Sometimes you might like the stickers to use in a photo to make it funny. If you are trying to insert stickers ona photo than this might be a very good app for your android. It’s photos can be shared through the instagram or Facebook or other social networks.


  • More than 100 types of frame to chose from (all the frames are free)
  • You can add text to any photo with a bunch of fonts
  • It has 14 filters to make the photos better than ever
  • You can do normal editing like rotate,flip the photos
  • it contains 100+ free patterns

Download PicGrid-Photo Collage Maker

#2.Pic Collage

Collage maker for android

PicCollage – App to create collage

Pic Collage is trusted by 70 millions of user when it comes to make a photo collage. It helps you to create amazing photo collages with different type sof stickers,background,frames. It’s like a small social network where you can create your own profile and import photos from your own gallery and share it the people. People can like your photos and can follow you. You can follow them back or liek their photos. Sharing to different social media is available.


  • It’s like a small social network where you can follow people
  • You can have your own username and profile pic
  • Adding stickers
  • Adding Filters
  • Setting awesome backgrounds
  • Simple editing like rotate
  • Sharing to instagram or Facebook

Download Pic Collage

#3 Photo Grid-Collage Maker

Best photo collage maker for android

Photogrid Collage maker

An incredibly easy way to make photo collage by using an android phone or tablet. It is mainly popular for making collages for instagram. You can create collages without any hassale and pain. It is one of the best free app for android to make collages. Yes it’s 100& free and fully loaded. It can even create video slideshow with music.


  • Various layers
  • Shake to swap photos
  • Text emoticons
  • Clip arts
  • Make Instagram friendly square photos
  • 100+ colorfull backgrounds
  • 100+ sticker
  • 20+ awesome filters

Download PhotoGrid Collage maker

#4 Photo Collage Editor

Best android app for collage making

Photo Collage Editor

Another powerful collage maker for android. It claims it is the best collage maker for android. With simple and gorgeous filters and frames it stands among the best collage making apps. It has tons of features liek stickers, unique patterns, backgrounds. Another Pluspoint for this app is that it is easy to use. It has some amazing filters.


  • 120+ photo filters
  • Simple editing
  • Simple border color
  • Simple user interface
  • Share button
  • Gorgeous photo filters and backgrounds

Download Photo Collage Editor

#5 Collage Maker Pro

Best app to make collage for your android

Collage Maker Pro

A simple free android app to make photo collages. It has everything that other apps have including filters,backgrounds, simple photo editing,frames and text adding.


  • Awesome Backgrounds
  • 40+ patterns to make collage
  • 35+ photo frames
  • 35+ photo filters
  • 70+ stickers

Download Collage Maker pro


These are the best collage making app for your android. Let’s take some pictures and make a collage & share it on social networks!!!


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