Best Download Managers for Android

What is download manager for android?

All browser have a built-in download function. These function might not be strong and these might have few lacking. This is there are apps which works as download manager for android. Through these android download managers you can make a queue of downloads, you can schedule your downloads, you can pause & resume downloads, you can select storage location.

Why you need download manager?

It must be boring to download slowly. If you are tired of slow browser downloading in that case you need to see this list. If you want to download any big files or want to pause and resume download then you can use any of these download managers. You need the download managers, so that you can manage your downloads properly. These download managers makes life easy for android users. You don’t have to tension about pausing and resuming them over and over again. These download managers can handle these stuffs easily. I am using a download manager in my Nexus 7 and it’s awesome. I can easily schedule my downloads and I can even download videos with this app also. These apps have different types of features that they are just blowing my mind.

What are the Best Download Managers for Android ?

1.Advanced Download Manager

This is one my of most favorite download manager for android. It allows you to download from almost every types of website with different types of files. It has ads on free version, buy pro to get rid of ads.


  • You can download three files simultaneously
  • Faster download
  • Resume and pause support
  • Quick management of the downloaded files
  • Save the files in your preferred download folder.
  • You can use widgets
  • You can schedule downloads
  • Built-in browser integration
  • File download completation sound and notification

Download Advanced Download manager


Download Manager for android

Download Manager for android

2. Loader droid download manager

Another good download manager for android.


  • Supports any types of files download
  • It auto pauses when connection is lost
  • A special feature is that it can specify which link will use which connection (E.G. Wi-fi,3g)
  • It splits it’s downloads and makes it fast
  • It’s stable
  • Good interface
  • Fast download

Download Loader droid download manager


Loader droid download manager

Download Manager for android

3. Download Manager for Android

Another good download manager. It has almost all functions of the apps above. In some cases it beats the other apps. It has many features including authenticationn integrity checking and many others. Let’s look at the main features


  • It supports HTML 5 web pages and videos
  • It supports tabbed browsing
  • Ultra fast download
  • Integrated with the search engines
  • File manager
  • Clean interface
  • Pause and resume supported
  • Background downloading
  • It supports bookmark manager

Download Download manager for android

4. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo download manage claims that their download manager can increase the speed of download by 5 times. It is one of the most reputed download manager for android in the playstore. Let’s look at the feature.


  • Accelerates download up to 5 times
  • Web browser integration with chrome and Dolphin
  • You can add urls/links
  • Sound notification of download completion
  • Can work in background
  • Que supports
  • Up to 10 parallel download

Download Turbo Download Manager


Download Manager for android

Turbo Download manager for android

5. Easy Downloader Pro

Easy Downloader Pro helps you to download big files. If you want to download big files and worrying then you need to install this download manager for android. It is simple and powerful.


  • Multi threading
  • Multi browser supported
  • Download different types of file simultaneously
  • Resume and pause any time
  • Download status bar

Download Easy Downloader Pro


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