Best GPS navigation apps for Cyclists and Runner

Cycling is becoming popular day by day. In order to capture the insights of the cycling you can use these applications. These applications are capable of doing everything possible for the cyclists. Let’s see the  best apps for cyclists.

1.Strava Running and Cycling GPS (Free & Premium $5.99)

Best Cycling and running app

Strava is one of the most popular apps for cyclist for android and iPhone users. It allows you to track and analyse your own performance in detailed way. It is fun to use Strava and it allows you to compare your speed and time with your friend or other users.


  1. Track your rides and runs with the GPS
  2. Create routes and follow them
  3. Insights about the pace,speed & calories burned
  4. Collect heart rate data by using Zephyr HxM Bluetooth
  5. Leader board to set personal record and follow others
  6. Interact with your friends
  7. Ability to share your activities on Facebook & Twitter


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2.Map My Ride GPS Cycling Riding

Map My Rider is similar to Strava. This app is special for it’s sharp and correct tracking. This app works with any bluetooth smart sensor. A great news for Galaxy S5 owners is that they will receive 6 months of MVP advanced features for free.

Map My Ride


  1. Advanced tracking of walking,running,cycling
  2. Gps route mapping
  3. Distance calculating
  4. Calorie burn counting
  5. Graph of insights
  6. Real time stats
  7. It can trak in background so you can listen to music or you can make calls

Premium :

  1. Sharing real time location with family or friends by using live tracking
  2. You can analyze heart rate data for every workout
  3. Route genius which will help you to get recommendation for any distance
  4. Ad free
  5. Customized audio coaching for better exprerince


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3. Runtastic Road Bike (Free & Premium $4.99)

Runtastic Road Bike is taking cycling to a new level. It is the ultimate road biking performance app which will change the biking to different level. It features more than 50 features. It is one of the top rated app which is designed specially for the road biking or cycling in mind.

Runtastic Bike


Features (some are for premium only):

  1. Mapping through Google Maps
  2. Speed and Cadence sensor (Bluetooth)
  3. Live tracking anbd cheering with your family and friends
  4. Vocie feedback
  5. Colored traces of speed, elevation,heart rate
  6. Thousands of biking routes using the route search
  7. Heart rate measurement
  8. Full bicycle runinghistory
  9. Google map integration within the app
  10. Sharing activities in social networks



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4.Wahoo Fitness: Workout Tracker

Just like other apps it is one of the cool app for cyclists.

app for cycling


  1. Biggest strength of this app is that it can upload your workouts to your favourite apps like strava or Map My fitness
  2. It pairs with wahoo fitness products
  3. Email data in .tcx files
  4. in-apps GPS map keeps you in track so that you don’t get lost
  5. Comprehensive cycle data



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5. IpBike ANT+ – Trial and $7.99










An ideal app which is dedicated for bike or cycle users.


  1. Measures bicycle speed
  2. Bicycle cadence
  3. Both the speed & cadence
  4. Heart rate
  5. Pedaling effectiveness


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