iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4 Comparison Review

iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4

iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4

Apple and Samsung declared their flagship in this September. Apple’s iPhone 6 plus and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 are the newest devices to enter in the phablet battle. This is Samsung’s fourth entry in phablet market while it is apple’s first entry only. Different manufacturers are already trying their best to attack the phablet market of Samsung and Apple is ready to do so. The competition in this market is getting fierece day by day. Let’s see the specs of these two giant’s flagship to know that who has got the upper hand.

photo credit : Gizmag

photo credit : Gizmag


The iPhone 6 plus is featuring a 5.5 inch IPS display with a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. The piel density is 401 (ppi). Apple’s iPhone 6 plus offers shatter proof glass meaning it can save your phone from accidental drops which is a plus point for the apple.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features a slightly larger 5.7 inch super amoled display. It’s resolution is 2560*1440 pixels. The pixel density is 516 (ppi. It uses Gorilla Glass 3

Even though Samsung’s galaxy Note 4 is ahead of iPhone 6 plus on paper but you will not be able to distinguish the difference between these two phablets in naked eye. However Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 has the better display in terms of spec.

Size & Weight

iPhone 6 plus weighs 172 grams while Samsung Galaxy Note 4 weighs 176 grams.

Even though iPhone 6 plus has slightly reduced display than Galaxy Note 4 however it’s size is bigger than the Note 4. But iPhone 6 plus is still slimmer & narrower than Note 4. It is 77.8mm width and 7.1mm slim while Note 4. Note 4 is 78.8mm width and 8.5mm slim.

Due to the metal uni body design iPhone 6 plus looks better than Note 4.

Aesthetic look :

In terms of aesthetic look apple is ahead than the Note 4


Well, well, well. I bet this what Note 4 is saying in it’s head. In terms of hardware , the Galaxy Note 4 is far ahead of the iPhone 6 plus.Galaxy Note 4 is using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805/Exynos Octa core processor and boosted by the power of the 3 GB RAM.

On the other hand iPhone 6 plus is powered by a dual core Apple A8 processor with 2 GB RAM.In terms of paper calculation , Note 4 might be ahed of Apples iPhone 6 Plus but both will perform same in terms of apps and games.Note 4 wins in this sense that they have better processor and RAM


This is where iPhone 6 loses to Note 4. Galaxy Note 4 has 32GB internal storage which can be expanded by another 128GB Microsd. But Apple’s iPhone 6 plus comes with an non expandable storage with a variety of 16/64/128GB with different price tags

Video recording:

iPhone 6 plus can record videos in full HD resolution but now it provides better results than previous. It uses optical image stabilization to do that. A new feature is that it can shoot slow motion videos at 240 fps in 720p HD resolution.
On the other hand Galaxy Note 4 can do video recording in 4k resolution with optical image stabilization.

Primary camera:

iPhone 6 plus features a 8MP iSight camera. Apple has updated the focus pixels . As a result it increases a faster auto focus. Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus have an f2.2 aperture and feature the true tone dual LED flash.We have already mentioned that iPhone 6 plus has an image stabilization option.

Note 4 has a 16MP camera sensor which has f1.9 aperture. It has image stabilization also. Both the handset is actually winner in this sense.


iPhone 6 has 1800 mAh battery and Note 4 has 3220 mAh battery.


Other features:

Although iPhone 6 plus has been overhauled by applie from tis previous version but Note 4 still has more features than iPhone 6 plus. Think about the cool stylus pen of Note 4. Note 4’s stylus pen has it’s own unique features which are yet to be found on any iOs devices. However Apple iPhone 6 plus came up with tons of new features including the M8 coprocessor which is used to provide the accurate reading of your steps taken which will be very useful for the lifestyle apps.

Apple iPhone 6 plus and Note 4 is quite on neck to neck. However in terms of paper calculation, Note 4 is ahead of iPhone 6 plus but in terms of real performance both are in the same stage.


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