Download Blackberry Priv Ported Apk – Priv Launcher, Keyboard


BlackBerry Priv made appearance in the last quarter of 2015. This is the first android smartphone by the Blackberry. This amazing smartphone comes with powerful hardware with brilliant 18MP primary camera which can shoot images at 2160p. This is an android phone with 3GB RAM which has a 5.4 inch display with 1440×2560 pixels. However, not everybody will bought it but they can use these apps of Blackberry priv. One of the best option of using android is that it comes with a beauty of using other manufacturers apps. You can easily get the ported apks from the link below and feel the apps performance.

Many people already bought it and they shared that this amazing smartphone has some brilliant apps.

Download Blackberry Priv Ported Apk

BlackBerry Priv Keyboard

BlackBerry Priv has an amazing screen keyboard. The reason it has the on screen keyboard because you can’t get the slide-out keyboard for free. However, you can have the on screen priv keyboard apk from this list.  Download Blackberry Priv Keyboard apk

Download Blackberry calendar apk

Download BlackBerry Services apk

Download BlackBerry Launcher:

In order to make the blackberry launcher work you need to download the BlackBerry Service apk from above. Download BlackBerry Launcher

New ported apks of Blackberry Priv can be found here at XDA

Please note that not all BlackBerry ported apk will work on your smartphone as these are still in beta. Xda memebers are trying their best to make these run on most android smartphones. Hopefully these ported apks will have be stable version withing few days.



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