Download Nexus 6 Drivers for Windows , Mac with Fastboot & ADB

Nexus 6

Nexus 6 is an amazing handset with powerful features. If you own a Motorola Nexus 6 and want to transfer files among your Mobile and computer or Mac then this tutorial will help you a lot. We are showing the best way possible to connect your android with the computer and share or transfer files among the computer and Nexus 6. We will teach you how to install the ADB fastboot on your Nexus 6 also.

How to connect Nexus 6 With Windows | download nexus 6 drivers for windows

Google has been pretty smart in this case. They have introduced many things for their handsets. Nexus 6 is pretty smart while connecting on the Windows computer. Windows has introduced a MTP system which allows the media player to grab files from removable device. This technology is used to connect your Motorola Nexus 6 with windows computer.

1. Take a USB cable to connect with the windows computer

2. Take your Nexus 6 and connect it with the windows computer

3. Wait till the windows PC installs the drivers by itself

4. After a minute your nexus 6 removable device will be shown in to the  computer and you will have the access on it

How to Connect Nexus 6 With Mac | Download Nexus 6 Driver for Mac

Ge the Motorola Nexus 6 USB Drivers For Mac. You will be happy to learn that it is really easy to connect your Nexus 6 with the Mac. you can easily connect our Nexus 6 with this simple tricks. All you need is a small software.

Step 1: Download File Transfer
Step 2: Install it in your Mac
Step 3: Now connect your Nexus 6 phone with the USB cable
Step 4: Then wait for your phone to get connected with Mac and the drivers all auto installed
Step 5: This will auto open the internal phone memory directories by itself

Note that at the first time you may have to click the Android file transfer icon

How to Install Drivers/ fastboot / ADB

  1. Atfirst you have to download the Google Nexus 6 Driver from here
  2. Now extract the downloaded file which is in .zip. Keep it on desktop
  3. Plug in your Nexus 6 into the PC
  4. While connected to the PC, open the Device Manager on PC
  5. Now, your Nexus 5 will be seen on the hardware list. Just right click on the “Nexus 6”
  6. Then click on the Update Driver Software
  7. Now, click on the ” Browse my computer” option. Thus a new window will be shown and then click browse button
  8. Now navigate and choose the folder where ypu have previously extracted the USB Drivers
  9. Proceed by clicking “Next”
  10. The windows installer will stat it’s task on searching for the Nexus 6 drivers. Then it will ask for the permission and then click on the install
  11. This is a quite lengthy process but it is secure and you can check the status from the “Device Manager” anytime

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