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Have you seen the OnePlus 2? OnePlus 2 is a very popular smartphone which has amazing developer support. You can customize this smartphone with several types of tweaks, like Mods, TWRP recovery and other kinds of stuff. You can use different types of custom ROMs with this OnePlus 2.

It uses the Hydrogen OS ROM which comes with the fantastic OnePlus 2 camera app. Many users have loved this camera app from OnePlus 2. One of the great thing about this OnePlus 2 camera app is that it can be used by other Android devices too.

Note the Hydrogen OS is a secondary ROM for the OnePlus 2 phone. However, you can use this awesome camera app on other android devices like on CM12, CM13 and CM OS running devices.

If you want to use the camera app from OnePlus 2, then you can grab the APK of camera app from the link below. That is straight installation. You need to grab the link and download it to your phone and install. Boom.

The OnePlus 2 device is going to receive a major update very soon. By that update, the OxyGen will be updated to the new version of 3.0. It will be in android 6.0 version which will provide more new exciting features. However, if you don’t want to wait for more, you can alway use a custom ROM to upgrade to the marshmallow family.

Download OnePlus 2 Camera App apk

Hydrogen OS camera app > Download Link (File name: File: H2O Camera by STRATEGIST.apk)

OnePlus X Camera > Download Link (File Name: File: H2O_Camera.apk)

Just download the APK file from the above links. Then transfer the APK file to the phone and use a file manager to navigate to the folder. Then open the file and install it.

Source: XDA



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