Download Titanium Backup 7.2.0 APK for Android M Developer Preview

Download Titanium Backup Apk

Google recently released Android M which can be installed in the Nexus 5, 6 and 9. Titanium backup has worked from their end and made their app compatible with the the Android M. Titanium crack has made the work very fast and made it available for the users.

Titanium backup is now compatible with all the android devices running on Android M developer preview software. It’s a very good new for you if you have flashed the latest version of Android inyour device. It’s the best time to install the Titanium Backup.

Titanium app is very popular when it comes to backing up user installed and system applications. Tianium Backup is so poerful that it can not only freeze or uninstall user apps but also system apps. However, you need to note that it requires root access. That is why it won’t work with the stock of android M. You have ot have a rooted Android M to use this app.

Latest Titanium backup which supports Android M is 7.2.0 version number. Developers of this app has posted this awesome backup app for android at Google Playstore. You can download the Apk Titanium Backup here or you can go to the Google Playstore.

Download Titanium Backup 7.2.0
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