Games like skyrim for android tablet : 3D RPG game for android


One of my most favorite game is Skyrim. I have searched a lot for games like Skyrim to lay in android. Here is the list and I hope you like these game & if you find any games like Skyrim than please post it in the comment.

Here are the Games like skyrim for android tablet

Ravensword Shadowlands

Ravensword Shadowlands

Ravensword Shadowlands

Ravensword Shadowlands

1. Ravensword 2: Shadowlands : 6.99$

There are many games in android which tried to copy the look and story from skyrim but only the ravensword managed to capture the feelings as you are playing skyrim. Ravensword : Shadowlands has fully 3D graphic which looks really great. Gameplay is quite good enough also. YOu can change from first persone views to third person views. Primary controller is in touch screen but for better playing experience it is advised to use a controller


  • Full Controller support like Xbox and other controller
  • Very impressive graphics
  • Good physics
  • Single player campaign which is quite long

2. Order& Chaos online : 6.99$

Order and chaos online is one of the most popular MMO game right now. It is quite similar to WOW from some gamers perspective. There is mounts in this game but you have to wait untill level 20. There are quest lines in this game but not like the WOW. You will be glad to know that these quests are really wonderful.


 3. The shadow sun( upcoming)

The shadow sun is a hit release in iOS which is coming to android withing few days. Ossian studios made this awesome game which has a pretty good story and it has real time combat. You can see that it has a very nicely detailed world to adventure. With the tale of ancient city ou will love the myths also.

4. Aralon: Sword and Shadows HD : 4.99$

With more than 30 hours of game-play it shows impressive 3D graphic display. You can chose first person and 3rd person view. Characters can be customized. With three races and 4 classes it is one of the good 3D RPG game available.


5.The Bard’s Tale: 1.99$

This is  a massive 3D role playing games on android. This is pretty cheap which will cost you only 1.99$.  You can enjoy the vast world along with the different types of armor, weaponry and loot. Without counting boss there are about 50 types of enemies.


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