How to Fix Deep Sleep Issue On Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung’s latest flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 is doing really well in the market. With lots of features and powerful hardware they are just the mos popular handset right now. Samsung introduced an awesome curved display in their S6 Edge version which is doing good in the market.

Inspite of these awesoem features there are still few things that got messy in Samsung Galaxy S6. One of the problems that is really annoying is that Samsung Galaxy S6 does not go to deep sleep time to time.

As a result it leads to more battery drainage. Deep sleep occurs when you turn off the screen and then your phone reduces the cpu usage to go to deep sleep which takes less battery.

Wondering How to Fix Deep Sleep Issue on Samsung Galaxy S6? In two ways you can fix this deep sleep issue in Samsung Galaxy S6. One is you re-flash your Samsung Galaxy S6 firmware and another is you force your Galaxy S6 to go to deep sleep mode by using terminal commands.

How to Fix Deep Sleep Issue On Samsung Galaxy S6

Method 1: In this method you need to flash the stock firmware in your Samsung Galaxy S6. Note that doing this will take your phone to the Original state. Check if bloatware is causing the deep sleep or not. At-first you need to download the stock firmware and then you need to install the firmware on Samsung Galaxy S6 using Odin.

Method 2: Manually Force Deep Sleep

If you don’t want to lost your data and ready to manually force your Galaxy S^ to go to the deep sleep mode then this tutorial will help you. This short fix is used by applying some terminal commands which will force your Galaxy S6 to go to the deep sleep. Note that, you need to have a rooted Galaxy S6 device to perform this.

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Step 1: You need to Download And Install Terminal Emulator App on Galaxy S6.

[pb-app-box pname=’jackpal.androidterm’ name=’Terminal Emulator for Android’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Step 2: Launch Terminal Emulator App from app drawer

Now start with the following command


Step 3: Right after finishing the command above you will be requested to allow root access. Allow the root access

Step 4: Now enter the command below simultaneously

mount -o rw,remount /system /system
mkdir /system/su.d
chmod 0700 /system/su.d
echo "#!/tmp-mksh/tmp-mksh" > /system/su.d/000000deepsleep
echo "echo 'temporary none' > /sys/class/scsi_disk/0:0:0:1/cache_type" >>
chmod 0700 /system/su.d/000000deepsleep
reboot the device

Now you have Fixed Deep Sleep Issue On Samsung Galaxy S6. If you have got any suggestions or problems then let us know in the comments below.



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