How to Enter Recovery Mode on Rooted and Locked Android Devices

The best part of Android is that the versatile tweaking option it provides to it’s users. Users can tweak, install mods, root, install kernels and so many with android. This is why Android has become so popular within few days. This is one of the reasons tech people loves android.

You can customize and optimize your android phone the way you want. While doing these optimizations or installing custom ROMs you need to have root access. While installing custom recovery there are few chances that you might get into trouble.

Today in this thread we are going to teach you about how to go to the Recover mode on Rooted android. We will teach you to go to recovery mode on Locked android devices also. This should work on all android devices. However there might be few exceptions. But this guide should work on your android device. As a result basically this is a Universal guide to go to the recover mode on your android device.

This guide will feature for both conditions: When the Android phone is rooted and when the android phone is locked. In both case we will show how to to go to recovery mode on android. Let’s see How to Enter Recovery Mode on Rooted and Locked Android Devices.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Rooted Android Devices

1. This is most probably the easiest way to go to the recovery mode on android

2. You need to download an app from Google Playstore. You need to have active internet connection or wi-fi to proceed

3. Launch Google Playstore and Search for Quick Boot Tool

4. Or you can follow this link for Quick Boot Tool

5. Now install this tool on your android phone

6. Now run the app

7. In the app , a menu will be displayed. Select Recovery from there

8. Your handset will be booted into “Recovery Mode”

How to Enter Recovery Mode On Locked Android Devices

1. This is a little tricky method. You need to have a computer or laptop with yourself

2. You need to have the USB cable for your mobile to be connected to the computer

3. No enable USB debigging on your android device

4. Android SDK need to be installed on your Windows or Mac

5. Now connect your android Device with computer by using the proper USB cable

6. Now navigate through the Fastboot folder on your computer

7. Now open command prompt window .

8. Write the below line on the command window

adb reboot recovery

9. Poof, your android phone will enter into recovery mode



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