How To Install MIUI ROM 6 On Nexus 5


We are glad to inform you that MIUI 6 ROM is now available for Google Nexus 5. There are many popular ROMs like CyanogenMOd and other which are based on the stock android. However, there are other ROM which might have never heard of. Though it is becoming very popular yet some might not have heard of it. It is MIUI. This ROM is not very popular but it is quite similar to the iOS.

It possesses many great features which makes MIUI very unique and a good ROM for you to have. MIUI has the ability to identify unknown numbers. It’s great right?! It has a theme store which offers 5000 themes to choose from. MIUI 6 has a built in services to make you feel good on using it;s services.

MIUI 6 ROM is a colorful ROM which will put a smile on your face if you are bored with the stock android home screen.


In order to install the MIUI 6 in your Nexus 5 you need to have a custom recovery installed in your Nexus 5.

Download: MIUI 6 ROM for Nexus 5 (Version 5.7.2 & Size: 393 MB)

How To Install MIUI ROM 6 On Nexus 5

Step 1: First you have to download the MIUI 6 ROM file from the above link and transfer it to the Nexus 5
Step 2: Now you have to turn off the phone and boot it into recovery mode
Step 3: Now wipe data and do a factory reset
Step 4: Now, Flash the ROM


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