How to Make Android and iPhone apps Without Any Programming Experience [10 Platforms]

How to Make Android and iPhone apps Without Any Programming Experience [10 Platforms]

In today’s world, technology has become so inevitable in every aspects of our lives. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the toilet , or walking on the park or preparing to sleep, you are always taking help from your smartphone. Perhaps you are setting a alarm for the morning or playing a game while taking dump. Yes , the life has become so dependent to smartphones. Android is currently the best OS that are ruling the smartphone world. If you are a blog owner or small entrepreneur or promoting product to your audience you might take a help from an app designed for your product or blog only. There are several ways to develop a app designed for your service. You can hire a company to do that, or you can hire a freelance or even you can do that by yourself.

Many people wants to develop android apps but they don’t know how to do that. If you don’t have knowledge about programming/coding you can still make android apps by taking help from some websites. Today we are going to talk about issues about how you can make android apps without having any types of previous coding knowledge. You don’t have to know any language to make an android app. Some of these services are free and some are paid. See the details here and there website for more.


First company of our list is This is a cloud based mobile app builder meaning it can create android or iOS or Windows Phone.

Best part of this builder is that you don’t have to download & install anything on your computer. All the things are controlled on the cloud. It’s easy to get started with this builder. It will provode you a visual editor on it’s website. It’s a drag and drop components to build the UI of the app. You can connec tREST API and use it in your app and you can add cloud database and backend to your app if you want to store data.

Pretty cool. Right? The collaboration system is really awesome ; you can share it with your development team or customers in real time.

You can make: Android, iOS , Windows apps

Price: Price starts at free and goes upto $180 per month for premium

#2. TheAppBuilder


An another good builder to make amazing mobile apps. It provides a suite of apps tp suit clients, employees,clients & brichures with two different websites. You can build app using online toolkit or the training or TheAppBuilder itself will help you to work initially.Updating and managing the contents of your app is easy and you can even change it while it is live. You can make unlimited updates and publish your app in different platform.

You can make : android, iPhone

Price: Available upon request


#3 Good Barber


Good Barber is another awesome platform to develop apps for iPhone and Android. The best part of this platform is that you don’t have to know a single line of code to make awesome apps with this platform. It produces beautiful and colorful apps for you.

Beside the android and iPhone version you can have a mobile version also. You can turn that into your official mobile website for your business. You can send push notifications and you can even convert your readers into submitting articles, photos or even videos.

You can make: Android, iPhone app

Price: From $16/month to $32/month for Full Plan.

#4. Appy Pie


This is an another cloud based DIY tool to make iOS & android apps. You don’t need programming skills to create apps by this tool. All you need to do is drag and drop the pages to create your own mobile app on online. This is basically a HTML5 based hybrid app which will work with anyt platform including windows mobile also.

You can send push notifications, you cna watch live analytic, even tracking GPS and you can monetize it with ads also.

You can make: Windows, iOS & android apps
Price: Free to $33 per month

#5. GameSalad


GameSalad is a very popular platform to create and publish iOS, Android and OS x games. It has drag and drop feature to make apps without any coding knowledge. It features a scene and actor editor where you will be able to design and create attributes,images and actors. Recently they teamed up with amazon to provide app making support for kindle fire.

You can make: OS x , iOS, android apps
Price: starts with free and goes to $299/year for a pro

#6 BiznessApps


If you are looking to make apps for your business in a simple way then you need to take help from BiznessApps. With lots of features like food ordering, shopping cart, third party integration, push-notifications with comprehensive analytic.

You can update or change your app online, you can even modify it while live. They even provide weekly webinars on how to make awesome apps.

#7. AppMakr


AppMakr is another popular DIY app creating platform which can enable anyone to create iOS,android & HTML5 apps. You don’t need any coding language to do these kind of app making.

Through this you can make as many apps you want to make with unlimited updates. There are lots of features like push notifications, photo galleries,live updates, chat room and Google Map integration.

There is a dashboard which allows you to check all the functionality of your app. You can publish the app with just single click.

You Can Make: iOS, Android apps, HTML5 apps

Price: Starts at Free & goes to $99 at self publish

#8 Mobile Roadie


Moile Roadie is another awesome platform creator which enables anybody to create and manage iOS & Android app. It supports all types of media with automatic importing of RSS, Google New syndication, Twitter new syndication, auto refreshing fan wall where users can chat with each others on real time.

You can create: Android app, iOS app

Price: Core Plan Starts at $125/month & goes up to $667/month

#9. AppMachine


By using AppMachine you can make professional apps for your your business or your customers also. It’s easy to design professional native apps for iOS & Android by using this platform. It uses drag-n-drop system which features different building blocks with different features. Through using these blocks you can use twitter,Facebook or online stores. You can use this app in your own unique way or the way you wanted. You can change the colors, fonts & icons also. It provides you full control of your layout and allows you to watch the work through Previewer.

You can check/test the apps on your computer, mobile or tablet. When you finish making the app you can go online, you can publish and promote your app,. AppMachine is very professional on taking care of their users.

You can make: Android, iOS
Price: Plan starts at Free, Gorgeous Plan is $499 & Designer is $899

#10. ShoutEm


If you are trying to make android & iOS apps which will have a lot of contents and which needs more engagement then you need to check this tool. It is boosted with many powerful tools which will create and help to manage a powerful content management. Not only it will provide awesome engagements tools but also it has great monetization options. The interface builder offers some awesome customization options which can enable to use existing sources like WordPress, Foursquare, Twitter * Soundcloud. It’s awesome monetization process will help you to see a good revenue stream withing few days. It offers e-commerce experience , in-app subscriptions , coupons and ad networks also.

You can make: Android, iOS

Price: Plans starts from $19.90/month and it goes up to $119.90/month for unlimited


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